2016 Summer School in Methods and Techniques, CEU, Budapest

For its 11th year, the ECPR’s Summer School in Methods and Techniques is moving to the Central European University’s Department of Political Science in Budapest.  The School will continue to offer up-to-date methods training, across the same time frame and structure, but just from this new location.

The Summer School forms part of the ECPR's Methods School, which delivers cutting-edge courses in the full span of qualitative and quantitative topics, spread across the two schools. Delivered by a diverse range of experienced Instructors and supported by dedicated Teaching Assistants, the academic side of the School is designed to provide young scholars with the methodological skill set they need at the start of their career, while an exciting plenary programme provides an opportunity for all important networking.

The course content of the Summer School is designed to complement that of its sister event, the ECPR Winter School in Methods and Techniques, which currently takes place in Bamberg, Germany, every February.


For further information please contact methodsschool@ecpr.eu.



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