8th ECPR Summer School in Methods and Techniques
University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana
25 July - 10 August 2013


Course Type
[Expand]A01RefresherIntroduction to SPSSView Outline
[Expand]A02RefresherIntroduction to RView Outline
[Expand]A03RefresherMathematics: Linear Algebra and CalculusView Outline
[Expand]A04RefresherBasics of Inferential Statistics for Political ScientistsView Outline
[Expand]A05RefresherQualitative Data Exploration with MAXQDA 11View Outline
[Expand]B01Two WeekMultivariate Statistical Analysis and Comparative Crossnational Surveys DataView Outline
[Expand]B02Two WeekPolitical Game TheoryView Outline
[Expand]B03Two WeekCase Study Research: Method and PracticeView Outline
[Expand]B04Two WeekEvent History and Survival AnalysisView Outline
[Expand]B05Two WeekQualitative Comparative Analysis and Fuzzy Sets: Basics and Advanced Issues in Set-Theoretic MethodsView Outline
[Expand]B06Two WeekIntroduction to Network Analysis with PajekView Outline
[Expand]B07Two WeekIntroduction to Structural Equation ModellingView Outline
[Expand]B09Two WeekApplied Multilevel ModellingView Outline
[Expand]C01First WeekResearch DesignsView Outline
[Expand]C02First WeekMultiple Regression Analysis I: Estimation and DiagnosticsView Outline
[Expand]C04First WeekExpert Interviews for Qualitative Data GenerationView Outline
[Expand]C05First WeekProcess Tracing Methodology IView Outline
[Expand]C06First WeekFocus Groups for Qualitative Data GenerationView Outline
[Expand]C07First WeekIssues in Political, Policy and Organisation EthnographyView Outline
[Expand]C11First WeekApplied Multilevel Modelling I: Multilevel Linear Models for Continuous DataView Outline
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