7th ECPR General Conference
Sciences Po, Bordeaux
4 - 7 September 2013

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[Expand]S01Agenda-Setting in a Comparative Perspective
Comparative Politics, Political Competition, Public Policy
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[Expand]S02Analytical Politics: Linking Theory and Data
Political Competition, Political Economy, Political Methodology, Political Theory, Public Choice
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[Expand]S03Assessing the Responsiveness of European Union Institutions
European Union, Institutions, Representation
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[Expand]S04Bridging Research and Teaching Responsibilities of Political Scientists
International Relations, Political Methodology, Political Theory
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[Expand]S05Business and Human Rights
Globalisation, Governance, Human Rights, International Relations, Political Theory, Regulation
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[Expand]S06Challenges to Contemporary Party Democracy
Comparative Politics, Democracy, Political Parties
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[Expand]S07Civic and Political Participation of Young People in a Context of Changes
Civil Society, Political Participation, Social Movements
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[Expand]S08Climate Change Governance
Environmental Policy, Governance, Green Politics
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[Expand]S09Comparative Perspectives on the New Politics of Dissent
Contentious Politics, Political Participation, Social Movements
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[Expand]S10Comparative Public Opinion and Elections
Comparative Politics, Elections, Voting
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[Expand]S11Conceptual Change and Political Science
Democracy, Political Methodology, Political Theory
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[Expand]S12Contemporary Challenges to Local Self-Government and Democracy
Local Government, Political Participation, Public Administration
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[Expand]S13Elites and Transatlantic Crisis
Democracy, Elites, Governance
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[Expand]S14Environmental Politics
Environmental Policy, Green Politics, Political Theory
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[Expand]S15Europe Between Integration and Disintegration: A Return of the Federal Model?
European Union, Federalism, Integration
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[Expand]S16Europe of Knowledge (Education, Higher Education and Research Policy)
European Politics, European Union, Globalisation, Governance, Institutions, International Relations, Knowledge, Political Economy
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[Expand]S17European Elections, Euroscepticism and the Media
Elections, European Union, Media
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[Expand]S18Food Governance
Governance, Green Politics, Policy Analysis
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[Expand]S19Four Decades of Democratic Innovation Research: Revisiting Theories, Concepts and Methods
Citizenship, Civil Society, Democracy, Democratisation, Governance, Political Participation, Political Theory, Social Movements
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[Expand]S20Gender+ and Politics
Gender, Knowledge, Women
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