Event Terms and Conditions for Membership Year 2017/2018

Registration/course fee: Everyone attending an ECPR event, either in the capacity of Participant or Observer must pay the applicable registration/course fee in full by any stated deadlines as detailed on the website and invoice. The registration fee does not include travel, accommodation, meals or insurance unless otherwise specified.

Joint Sessions: The registration fee allows participation in one Workshop only.

General Conference and SGEU Conference: The registration fee allows participation in any Panel throughout the Conference.

Methods School: Fees are charged per Course; therefore, participants must ensure they have registered and paid for all courses they wish to take during the event.

SGIR Summer School: The registration fee covers participation in the School, lunches and accommodation arranged by the host.

Plenary programme: Access to these activities is included within the fee unless otherwise stated, but may be restricted to participants who have signed in at the registration desk on-site and are wearing the correct ECPR event name badges only.

Student status: Not applicable to the Methods School or SGIR Summer School. To be eligible for a student rate, participants must provide proof of student status by the registration deadline in the form of either a University ID card which is valid for the period that the event is being held; or letter from their institution confirming that they will be a student at the time of the event. Participants failing to do so will be charged the standard registration fee or may be unable to attend the event. Proof of student status should be emailed to the relevant Event Team (see contact details below).

Payment of registration fees: Payment can be made by credit/debit card or PayPal using the ECPR's online payment system. The ECPR uses PayPal as a merchant for card transactions and a PayPal account is not required, simply select ‘Check Out as a Guest’ or ‘Pay by card’ at the PayPal login page.

Participants from countries where PayPal is not available, or those having difficulties paying by card, should contact the relevant Event Team (see contact details below). Payments can also be made by bank transfer. Please include the invoice number as the payment reference to enable the tracking of payments to ensure that your registration is processed efficiently.  Please note that payments made by bank transfer may not show on your registration for up to 5 working days.

If payment is not received by the payment due date, as stated on the invoice, your registration may be cancelled. 

Withdrawal from the event: Participants unable to attend the event should email the Event Team immediately (see contact details below).

Cancellation/refund policy: In line with the Consumer Contracts regulations, participants are entitled to a 7-day cooling off period, starting on the day that payment of the registration fee is received by the ECPR. During this period, participants have the right to a full refund of the registration fee upon cancellation.

After the 7-day cooling off period and before midnight UK time on the registration deadline, participants wishing to cancel their registration will be eligible for a refund of 50% of the registration fee.

Cancellations/withdrawals after the registration deadline will not be eligible for a refund. Refunds will be returned using the same method as the original payment.

Changes to Methods School registrations: If you wish to change all or part of your course selection an administration fee of €25 will be incurred and will also be applied to any additional changes thereafter. If you wish to cancel part of your registration the cancellation/refund policy will apply. Please inform the Event’s Team by email as soon as possible (see contact details below).

Changes to General Conference and SGEU Panels and Workshops at the Joint Sessions: The ECPR reserves the right to cancel and/or re-structure Panels/Workshops if it is felt it would benefit the organisation and/or academic quality and cohesion of the event. The Academic Convenors' decision is final. In the event of a Panel/Workshop cancellation all participants will be informed as early as possible. Papers in cancelled Panels/Workshops will, as far as possible, be reallocated to another Panel/Workshop. If reallocation is not possible a full refund will be offered to affected participants.

Social events and excursions: Social events and excursions organised by the local hosts may require additional payments directly to a third party and will be subject to their terms and conditions. In these cases, the ECPR cannot be held liable for any bookings, payments, or delivery of the social event or excursion, nor for the welfare of any participants taking part.

MyECPR account information: The MyECPR account used to register for an event, and all information contained within it, will be used by the ECPR for all activities relating to that event. This includes calculating the correct fee (Member/Non-Member) based on the institutional affiliation selected, all important email communications relating to the event (including scheduling changes), the academic programme on the website, printed conference programme, mobile app and badges. It is therefore extremely important that the email address stored in your MyECPR account is active and regularly checked. Please ensure that all personal and institutional information within it is accurate and up-to-date before registering for an event. The use of multiple MyECPR accounts can lead to many problems for both the ECPR and participants; if you think that you may have multiple accounts please let us know immediately (support@ecpr.eu) so that they can be merged.

Your personal data: The ECPR will not, wherever possible, share participant data with third parties. There are, however, occasions on which data is required by third parties to facilitate the successful administration of an ECPR event. This can be things such as providing attendee lists to host institutions and contact details to those involved in the organisation of the academic content of the event (Workshop Directors, Section/Panel Chairs, etc.); enabling them to contact contributors or participants within their group in advance of the event. On these occasions, data will be encrypted and transmitted via secure means. Third parties are only permitted to use this data for the purpose intended and are required to dispose of it once no longer needed.

Contact details for each event: The Events Department works together closely, however to ensure your message gets to the correct team please use the appropriate email address from one of the following:

Methods School: methodsschool@ecpr.eu

Joint Sessions: jointsessions@ecpr.eu

General Conference: generalconference@ecpr.eu

SGEU Conference: sgconferences@ecpr.eu

SGIR Summer School: sgconferences@ecpr.eu

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