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50th Anniversary Fund - How to Apply

Support from the Anniversary Fund is given to individual scholars from non-member organisations who are not eligible to apply for the ECPR's regular funding schemes. 

Applications for the 50th Anniversary Fund should:

  • be made at the same time, and according to the same deadlines as regular event participation funding (please check the relevant event web pages for information);
  • take the form of a letter explaining why they wish to attend the event in question, what they aim to get out of it and how it will enhance their career or studies. The letter should also explain why they would not be able to attend without the support of the Anniversary Fund, their institutional affiliation and, if relevant, why their institution is not a member of the ECPR; and
  • be sent to 
If the number of applications exceeds the budget available, preference will be given to the more junior researchers and to researchers without a salary. Preference will – in a later phase – also be given to applicants who have not received support from the Anniversary Fund in the past.