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The Speaker of the Council holds a number of responsibilities including: chairing meetings of the Council; proposing amendments to the Standing Orders of Council; liaising with the Executive Committee over business matters and the formulation of the agenda of Council meetings; serving as Senior Returning Officer for Executive Committee elections and votes on amending the ECPR Constitution; being a general liaison point for members of Council vis-à-vis the ECPR.


Past Speakers

The first Speaker was David Farrell, who was first appointed in 2013. He was re-elected in February 2016 for a further three-year term but stood down in September 2017. Elections for a new Speaker will open on 2 April 2018. Meanwhile, and in accordance with the ECPR Constitution, the Chair of the Executive Committee will act as Speaker pro tempore.


Election of the Speaker of the ECPR Council 2018

Official Representatives play an important role in the governance of the organisation as together they form the ECPR Council. Council meets annually during the ECPR General Conference. Overseeing these meetings is the Speaker of Council, who has the following responsibilities:

  • To chair meetings of Council;
  • To liaise with the Executive Committee over business matters and the formulation of the agenda for Council meetings;
  • To serve as Senior Returning Officer for Executive Committee elections;
  • To serve as general liaison point for members of Council vis-à-vis the ECPR; and
  • To draft and propose revisions to the Standing Orders of Council for approval by the Council.

The Speaker is drawn from and elected by the Official Representatives of all Full Member institutions and serves a three-year term with the possibility of re-election to a second (three year) term.


Election procedures and timeframe

The procedure for electing the Speaker of the ECPR Council involves three successive stages: nominations, endorsements and final voting. Each stage is organised electronically via the MyECPR area on the ECPR website.

Any Official Representative can nominate her-/himself to stand for the office of Speaker – this stage of the process opens on 2 April and closes on 27 April 2018.

Their nomination must then be endorsed by at least five Official Representatives for them to be included in the final ballot. The endorsement period shall last from the 1 May to 25 May 2018.

When the ballot is finalised, voting shall be carried out by Official Representatives during the period 1 June to 29 June 2018. The votes shall be counted using the Alternative Vote system. The results will be announced by 5 July 2018.

Please note, only Official Representatives of Full ECPR Members can stand for election, endorse a candidate, and vote in the election. Associate Members that wish to do so may consider upgrading to Full Membership of the ECPR - please contact us for more information.

For further information see the full guide to the procedures and deadlines for each stage.


What is an OR?

Membership of the ECPR is institutional; therefore each member institution must select an individual to act as the ‘Official Representative’ (OR) to the ECPR. The role of the OR is to represent their institution’s interests to the ECPR, and vice versa, to ensure that their university and all those within it get the most out of their membership. For more information, or to find out who the Official Representative is for your institution, please contact us



All Official Representatives wishing to take part in the election at any stage must have a MyECPR account. To ensure your account details are up to date please visit the My Profile page.


Contact for more information/queries

For more information about the Speaker of Council post or the electoral process please contact us.


"Man is by nature a political animal" - Aristotle

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