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Research Methods book series

Published in association with Palgrave Macmillan. Series now closed.

Established in 2009, the Research Methods series aimed to link the ECPR’s Methods School with its publishing programme. Edited by the then Convenors of the Methods School (encompassing the Winter- and Summer Schools in Methods and Techniques), the series published on cutting edge research methods to complement and in some examples, accompany the teaching at the Methods School. Nine books were published in total in the series, listed below. 

Whilst this series is now closed it is still possible to buy copies of the books through the Palgrave Macmillan website. The ECPR Press took over the ECPR’s publishing activity in this field and welcomes book proposals. For more information about publishing with the ECPR Press see the website.


Books published in the series

Qualitative Methods in International Relations – Hardcover, Audie Klotz, Deepa Prakash

Political Science Research Methods in Action - Hardcover Michael Bruter, Martin Lodge

Mixed Methods in Comparative Politics - Hardcover Dirk Berg-Schlosser

Designing Case Studies - Hardcover Joachim Blatter, Markus Haverland

Case Studies and Causal Inference - Hardcover Ingo Rohlfing

Interviewing Experts - Hardcover Alexander Bogner, Beate Littig, Wolfgang Menz

Method and Substance in Macrocomparative Analysis - Hardcover Lane Kenworthy, Alexander Hicks

Comparative Policy Studies - Hardcover Isabelle Engeli, Christine Rothmayr Allison

Experimental Political Science - Hardcover Bernhard Kittel, Wolfgang J. Luhan, Rebecca B. Morton


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