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Political Science in Europe


The ECPR blog, launching 2020

The ECPR blog, launching autumn 2020 will bring together multiple and potentially complex threads of ideas, research and content from all reaches of political science and indeed the world, and then process them into accessible and engaging (almost) bite size chunks that can inform, educate and entertain the reader.

We will be inviting authors to submit short articles (1,000 words) on politics, policy programmes, societal and political issues which display the work of the discipline at its best to fellow practitioners and to a more general audience including policy-makers, journalists, business people and the general public.

These might be articles which summarise a piece of research (which might be presented in full form in a political science journal) or they might be analyses of very topical political news stories but from the perspective of a political scientist who can provide insights which might escape journalists.

The angle and tone of the published pieces would be such that they are as accessible to both academics potentially working in a different field as they would be to an informed member of the general public.

Provision for ‘Comments’ after each article, moreover, will help to engage readers and promote a debate and exchange of views.

The ECPR blog will draw content from a number of sources: providing a platform for more easily digestible shorter form, impact pieces based on accepted articles from across our journal publishing programme; content from our 50+ Standing Groups and Research Networks; as well as contributions from across our membership and wider community.

We have also launched a competition to come up with a catchy name for the blog, with the same deadline – suggestions via Twitter or to us by email