List of Sections


  1. Theme Section from Tartu -  Cyberpolitics - papers on e-governance, internet politics, cybersecurity, cyberwarfare
  2. Area Studies – panels focusing on specific regional areas (African studies, Asian studies, Latin American studies, the Middle East etc.)
  3. Comparative Politics (including African Politics, Asian Politics, American Politics, European Politics & Latin American Politics) – comparative papers within or across area studies, on any aspect of the political system
  4. Critical Approaches – panels focusing on critical theory, Marxism, feminism, post-structuralism, post-modernism, and other similar approaches
  5. Democracy and Democratisation – theoretical and empirical papers on democracy (and the quality of democracy) and the process of democratisation
  6. Development Studies – papers on the formation of political systems and on the political aspects on economic development
  7. Electoral Politics – papers on electoral systems and reforms at whichever level of government
  8. Environmental Politics – panels focusing on green politics, green public policy and green parties
  9. EU Politics – papers on EU integration, institutionalisation, governance, widening, deepening, etc.
  10. Foreign Policy Analysis – panels on foreign policy and foreign policy behaviour of nations and institutions, hereunder the EU
  11. Gender Politics – papers on the gendered aspect of politics and on gender policy
  12. Globalisation, Citizenship and Migration – papers on the impact of globalisation on migration flows, citizenship policies, both at a theoretical and an empirical level
  13. International Relations – theoretical and applied papers in the field of IR
  14. Law and Politics - papers on the relationship between law and politics and on more substantive issues, such as on human rights protection and promotion
  15. Media and Politics - papers on the impact of public opinion and the media on the political process
  16. Open Section
  17. Party Politics – papers on political parties
  18. Peace and Conflict Studies  – papers on processes of conflict resolution and peace-building
  19. Political Economy – theoretical and empirical papers on the governing of the economy
  20. Political Methodology – theoretical and applied papers with a clear methodological drive
  21. Political Psychology – panels addressing the interrelationships between psychological and political processes
  22. Political Sociology – papers on social movements, advocacy coalitions, contentious politics, the social roots of political parties, etc.
  23. Political Theory – papers on empirically grounded political theorising and on political philosophy
  24. Politics and Human Rights – panels on the politics of personal integrity rights, cultural, economic and social rights
  25. Public Administration – papers on public administration and various forms of governance
  26. Public Opinion and Voting Behaviour - panels dealing with survey research and electoral behaviour in a comparative and national perspective
  27. Public Policy – all fields of public policy except economic and gender policies
  28. Regionalism & Federalism – papers on micro- (or sub-state) regionalism, decentralisation, devolution, local politics as well as papers on federalism and inter-governmental relations at a theoretical and empirical level
  29. Religion & Politics – the impact of religion on politics and the of politics of religion
  30. Security Studies – papers on security broadly conceived (military, civilian, energy, environmental, etc.)

"Politics determines the process of "who gets what, when, and how"" - Harold Lasswell

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