How to Propose and Present a Paper


Proposing a Paper

Paper proposers must have a MyECPR account in order to submit a Paper proposal. Participants will be able to propose individual Papers to accepted Sections from 28th October 2015.

Paper proposals must be from graduate students from both ECPR and Non ECPR member institutions. Proposers may submit more than one paper but only one will be accepted.

If you want to propose an individual Paper to a Section but don’t have a completed Paper yet you only need to write an abstract (max 500 words) summarising your Paper in your proposal. If your Paper is accepted you can then write the full Paper and upload it to the website.

Paper sizes vary but we suggest approximately 10,000 words. You can view Papers presented at the last Graduate Student Conference under Past Events here.  In the Academic Programme, click on the Section, Panel and then the Paper. Once accepted, Papers can be uploaded from 4 May 2016 and added to the Academic Programme.

The deadline for paper proposals is 20th January 2016.


Presenting a Paper

When presenting a Paper you will have approximately 15 minutes to summarise the key points, not read the Paper verbatim. If required you can use PowerPoint, visual or audio aids. After you have presented your Paper or after all the Papers in your Panel have been presented your Paper will be discussed.


For additional information regarding deadlines please read the Guidelines.


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