ECPR Joint Sessions
University of Nottingham, Nottingham
25 - 30 April 2017

General Information for Workshop Directors

The ECPR's Executive Committee and Director are responsible for the academic programme of the Joint Sessions.  They agree Workshop topics and appoint Workshop Directors. The Joint Sessions Co-ordinator and members of ECPR Central Services are responsible for the administrative arrangements, day-to-day organisation and liaising with the host institution.

1.  Workshop Proposals

Any scholar belonging to an ECPR Full-Member institution can propose to organise a Workshop. Associate Members may propose to co-direct a Workshop with a scholar belonging to a Full-Member institution.  Proposers should bear in mind that it is unlikely their Workshop will be accepted if they have directed one within the last two years.

Owing to the large amount of work involved in organising a Workshop, we recommend a maximum of two Directors.  If a Workshop does have two Co-Directors, they should come from different institutions and preferably from different countries.  A detailed proposal should be sent to ECPR Central Services for consideration at the Executive Committee meeting in spring one year before the Joint Sessions to which it applies.  Please submit proposals using the online Workshop proposal form under the relevant year's event.  The deadline for receipt of proposals is 1 February.

2.  Publicity and applications to participate

Once the academic programme has been finalised, Workshops and Directors’ contact details are published on and publicised via ECPR email alerts. Posters are produced by Central Services and emailed to all Member institutions. The website is updated regularly with new information, including the social programme and accommodation suggestions. Official Representatives from each institution must keep all their colleagues informed. Applications to participate in Workshops should be made by proposing a Paper through the online system no later than 1 December in the year preceding the Joint Sessions. However, if the date of the Joint Sessions changes significantly, we would bring this forward.

3.  Academic preparation and selection of participants

As a Workshop Director, you are responsible for all academic aspects of Workshops. You decide on the topics to be covered and select participants. To ensure ECPR Members draw maximum benefit from the Sessions, please observe the following guidelines:

3.1 Directors can select participants from among their own contacts, but they must ensure that the Workshop is open to other applications, and not simply a closed group of researchers. To be eligible, aspiring participants must be conducting research in the field of the Workshop, at which they will be expected to present a paper or a research document.

3.2 If a paper is co-authored, only one of the authors should be invited to attend. If both attend (on the condition that there is room in the Workshop and no place is denied to someone who could contribute a relevant paper), only one co-author may apply for, and claim, the Joint Sessions Graduates Grant, if indeed eligible.

3.3 In any one Workshop, there should be no more than two participants from ECPR Non-Member institutions (or ten per cent of the total; whichever is smaller). Seek Non-Member participation only when you feel it is essential to the academic development of the Workshop.

3.4 Please include no more than two participants from one institution. You should aim for a wide geographical spread, and a good mix of age and gender.

3.5 To ensure the Workshop attains its aim – namely, the participation and collaboration of political scientists of all levels – bear in mind that anyone from a research student to a full professor working in the field of the Workshop is entitled to apply. Please note, however, that if a graduate student is accepted, they should be well advanced in their research.

3.6 The optimum number of participants in a Workshop is 15–16, but to allow for drop-outs, you should initially recruit up to 22. If the number of participants falls below eight, the ECPR may suggest the Workshop is cancelled.

3.7 Directors should assess paper proposals and approve or decline them as soon as possible after the deadline; no later than the second week of January (this may be earlier, depending on the event dates).

3.8 To ensure papers are circulated in good time, please share contact details of Workshop participants as soon as the list has been agreed.

4.  Workshop timetable

4.1 A Workshop should last for the whole eight sessions (each session being a morning or afternoon) of the Joint Sessions, unless there are exceptional reasons for finishing early.

4.2 You should send a detailed programme of Workshop meetings to all participants well in advance.

4.3 As a Director, you should appoint from among the participants a secretary for each Workshop meeting, to summarise the main points of discussion. These summaries should be written up and a report provided to ECPR Central Services after the event.

4.4 Presentations should be more than simply verbal; please encourage participants to bring printed summaries and/or PowerPoint presentations of their talk.

4.5 Participants are expected to be present at all eight Workshop sessions; not just attend on the day they present their paper. Please make sure participants are aware of this before you accept them.

4.6 Please forward a copy of the Workshop schedule (showing when the Workshop is expected to finish) to

5.  Duplication and circulation of Papers

5.1 Each participant is responsible for the duplication and circulation of his/her paper or research document, a copy of which must also be emailed to each participant, and uploaded to, via MyECPR.

5.2 Provided participants express no objection, their papers will be published in the Members-Only section (currently under construction) of

5.3 ECPR Press should be the first-choice publisher for any book proposals arising from papers presented at the Joint Sessions. Interested parties should email the press on

6.  Travel and accommodation

Information about travel and accommodation will be available on the website and emailed to all Workshop Directors. You are expected to forward this to participants after their participation has been confirmed. Bookings must be made by the Directors and the participants themselves.

7.  Finance

7.1 Fees to attend the 2017 Joint Sessions are £130 for members, £65 for student members, £575 for non members and £385 for student non members.  Participants from the host institution and Workshop Directors will be exempt.  Invoices will be generated in advance of the Joint Sessions upon online registration.

7.2 Participants are expected to fund travel and accommodation from sources in their own institution/country. As a Workshop Director you should, where possible, apply to an appropriate research council or foundation for support for the Workshop as a whole.

7.3 The ECPR offers a Joint Sessions Young Scholar’s Grant to those that fit the criteria from ECPR Full-Member institutions.  Find out more in the Funding section of

7.4 The ECPR offers a Joint Sessions Graduates Grant to graduate students that fit the crieria from ECPR Full-Member institutions. Find out more in the Funding section of

7.5 Funding contributions from the ECPR will be sent after the event. Participants wishing to receive an advance should request it from their home institution.

7.6 Participants from Non-Member institutions are not eligible to apply for funding. 

Please email or telephone +44 (0) 1206 630045 with any questions.


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