ECPR Joint Sessions
University of Nottingham, Nottingham
25 - 30 April 2017

Practical Information


On-campus accommodation - Jubilee Campus

The University of Nottingham is offering on-campus accommodation to all Joint Sessions participants.  Located on Jubilee Campus where all Workshops will take place, rooms are available at £55 per night, which includes:

  • A single study bedroom with en-suite bathroom facilities
  • A 'full English' breakfast daily
  • Coffee and tea making facilities in the room
  • A toiletry pack

Participants wishing to stay on campus will need to book and pay for their accommodation as part of the online registration and payment process; simply select how many nights' accommodation are required when completing the online registration form.

Off-campus accommodation

For those wishing to stay off-campus there is a wide variety of accommodation available throughout the city.  For more information, see the Experience Nottinghamshire website or search online.

Lunch pre-orders

Participants will be able to pre-order and pay in advance for lunches during the Joint Sessions as part of the online registration process.  These will be available at a cost of £12 and here you can see a sample menu. The lunches will be available in the Catering Atrium on Jubilee Campus. 

For those that do not pre-order lunches, they will be directed to Café Aspire or the Coffee Bar in the Exchange Building. There are other catering options on Jubilee Campus.

Got a question?

Ask a student helper in a red T-shirt!


Should you not have access to eduroam then here are instructions for how to connect:

1. Make sure the wireless network adaptor is activated on your device.
2. If you are in range, your device should automatically connect to the UoN-guest network. If not, find 'UoN-guest' in the list of wireless connections available and select this network. If it is not listed, you are not within range of the hotspot. Please move the device until you are in range.
3. Open your web browser, then browse to any website that is not associated with The University of Nottingham.
4. A certificate message may be displayed by your browser. If this is the case then click to accept the certificate as prompted by the browser.
5. The UoN-welcome wireless login page will appear.
6. If you have already created an account, log in here, otherwise follow the on-screen instructions to register for an account.
7. You will be sent an email asking you to confirm your address. You have 10 minutes grace time to accept this.
8. Once you confirm your account you can log in and use the service for 7 days before you will need to re-register.

Using UoN-Guest
The UoN-welcome wireless network allows devices to establish connections to websites and other internet services.

A device which is successfully connected to the network will be provided with access to most internet destinations using standard ports e.g. http and https.

Please note: 'UoN-guest network' is an open network and does not provide encryption for traffic transmitted or received by connected devices.

Security for connections made using the UoN-guest network remains the responsibility of th euser and the service is used at your own risk. Please do not enter passwords online when using this network.


Sterling is the currency used in Nottingham.  £ (GBP) are divided into 100 pence.  Bank notes are issued in 5/10/20/50 denominations. The exchange rate is €1 = 0.83 GBP (as of July 2016)

Tourist Information

The main Nottingham Tourism Centre is located in Smithy Row, Nottingham, NG1 2BY and is open Monday to Saturday from 9.30am - 5.30pm.

Experience Nottinghamshire have branches around the county. Please visit their website for more information.


International dialling code for the United Kingdom is +44

Emergency numbers

  • General emergency – 999
  • Medical emergency (Ambulance / First Aid) – 999
  • Police – 999

Cash Machine/ATM 

There is an ATM outside the Exchange Building on Jubilee Campus.  There is also an ATM inside this building as well.


Plugs - Standard United Kingdom socket with three-pin plugs


Please see a guide to eating and drinking in Nottingham from Experience Nottinghamshire.


Restaurants expect around 10% if the service has been good, unless a service charge has already been included in the bill.



"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin

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