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Travelling to Oslo

By air

Oslo Lufthavn Airport (Oslo Lufthavn) is Norway’s largest airport and the main airport in Oslo. It is located at Gardermoen, 47km northeast of the city centre and offers direct routes from many European cities.

Torp Sandeford airport is located further from Oslo city centre, (10km southwest of Oslo). Torp is a smaller airport which is served by many of the low-cost airlines.

Getting to and from Oslo Lufthavn airport (OSL)

  • Train: There are two train operators which run services between Oslo Lufthavn and the city centre:

  • Bus: There are two bus operators which run services between Oslo Lufthavn and the city centre:

    • Flybussen runs between the airport and the city centre. Please see the website for the full timetable and prices.

    • Flybussekspressen runs between the airport to various different places around Oslo. Please see the website for the full timetable and prices.

  • Taxi: The taxi information desk in the arrivals hall can help you book a taxi.

Getting to and from Torp airport (TRF)

  • Train: The NSB (Norwegian State Railway) operates a service between Torp rail station and Oslo city centre Torp Sandefjord Lufthavn to Oslo. A shuttle bus runs between the airport and the station, from where participants can pick up the train to Oslo. The full journey time is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. Please see the website for the full timetable and prices.

  • Bus: The Torp Express bus service operates between the airports and Oslo’s bus terminal. The journey takes approximately 2 hours. Please see the website for the full timetable and prices.    

By rail

NSB, the Norwegian State Railway, operates most passenger train services in Norway, and has a well-developed railway network stretching from Kristiansand in the south to Bodø above the Arctic Circle. Please see the website for full information about routes, stations, timetables and fares.

Approximate travel times by train are as follows:

Bergen-Oslo:           7 hours
Stockholm-Oslo:      4.5-5 hours
Gothenburg-Oslo:   4 hours
Oslo airport-Oslo:   20 minutes

By ferry

Oslo can be reached by Ferry from several European cities throughout the year:

Ferries Denmark–Norway 
DFDS: Copenhagen–Oslo  
Stena Line: Frederikshavn–Oslo 
Color Line: Hirtshals–Larvik, Hirtshals–Kristiansand

Ferries Germany–Norway 
Color Line: Kiel–Oslo  

By road

When driving into Oslo you will pass a toll plaza. You are charged every time you drive into the city. The price is currently (February 2016) 32 NOK for a max. 3500 kg car. You do not pay to drive out of the city. Further information on toll charges and payment can be found here.


Visa Information

Please note all visas are the responsibility of the individual participant. Depending on the purpose of your travel to Norway, there are different types of visas that will apply to the occasion. In 2001, Norway, as an EFTA Member, also became a member state of he Schengen Area. Further information about visa requirements can be found here. Visa letters will only be supplied once the registration fee has been received in full by the ECPR. Unfortunately, the ECPR cannot offer any further advice on visas. 


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