Institutionalisation of Political Parties: Comparative Cases. Edited by Robert Harmel and Lars G. Svasand

Proposing a Workshop

Submitting a Workshop proposal

Any scholar belonging to an ECPR Full Member institution can propose to direct a Workshop. Associate members may co-direct a Workshop with a scholar belonging to a Full Member institution. Scholars who have previously been Workshop Directors cannot apply for a Workshop at the two following Joint Sessions.

Owing to the large amount of work involved in organising a Workshop, we recommend two directors (though Workshops cannot have more than two). The two directors must come from institutions in two different countries.

The call for Workshops is open from October 1 until February 1; submit proposals online. The proposal must contain details about the Workshop Directors, an outline of the Workshop’s academic content, a description of particiapnts' academic profile and the type of Papers expected.

Workshop proposals can be formally endorsed by one or more Standing Groups. Aspiring Workshop Directors should contact the convenors of a Standing Group to seek such endorsement, and they must confirm the endorsement when submitting their online proposal form.

Selection of Workshops

The Joint Sessions generally offer 25 Workshop slots. We do, however, receive many more than 25 proposals, and therefore have to make a selection, based on two criteria. First, the academic quality of the Workshop. Each proposal is sent out for review to two experts in the field, and is also evaluated by the ECPR's EC members responsible for the Joint Sessions (currently Kris Deschouwer and Anna Sroka). From the best proposals, a final selection is made that also takes into consideration a good balance between different approaches and sub disciplines in political science. We also aim to keep a good balance at each Joint Sessions of Workshops over the years.

Workshop proposals that are endorsed by an ECPR Standing Group are treated preferentially. If two proposals are of equal quality, priority is given to the one endorsed by a Standing Group. Of the Standing Group-endorsed proposals, only one can be accepted. We also seek to give space to different Standing Groups over time.

Once the academic programme has been finalised, Workshops and Directors’ contact details are published on the ECPR website and publicised via news alerts. The website is updated regularly with new information, including the social programme and accommodation suggestions.

Further information

Contact Marcia Taylor at ECPR Central Services or call +44 (0)1206 630045


"Aristocracies … may preserve themselves longest, but only democracies, which refresh their ruling class, can expand" - Hugh Trevor-Roper

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