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Organising a Workshop

Submitting a Workshop proposal

Any scholar belonging to an ECPR Full Member institution can propose to direct a Workshop. Associate members may co-direct a Workshop with a scholar belonging to a Full Member institution. Scholars who have previously been a Workshop Director cannot apply for a Workshop at the following two Joint Sessions.

Owing to the large amount of work involved in organising a Workshop, we recommend two directors (though Workshops cannot have more than two). The two directors must come from institutions in two different countries.

The call for Workshops is open from October 1 until February 1; submit proposals online. The proposal must contain details about the Workshop Directors, an outline of the Workshop’s academic content, a description of the participants' academic profile, and the type of Papers expected.

Workshop proposals can be formally endorsed by one or more Standing Groups. Aspiring Workshop Directors should contact the convenors of a Standing Group to seek such endorsement, and they must confirm the endorsement when submitting the online form.

Selection of participants

Applications to participate in Workshops should be made by proposing a Paper through the online system, no later than 6 December in the year preceding the Joint Sessions.

It is the Workshop Directors' responsibility to decide on the topics in their Workshops and the selection of participants. Directors must ensure that access is open to all scholars engaged in research on the Workshop’s topic, and they should not restrict selection to their own personal networks. Standing Groups that have endorsed a Workshop should invite their members to participate.

In the final selection of participants for each Workshop, there cannot be more than two Papers presented by participants from the same institution, and no more than two Papers in which one author is from a non-member institution. The overall selection should have Papers from a wide geographical spread of institutions, and a good mix of age and gender among participants. The Workshop should also allow the collaboration of political scientists at all levels, from research students to full professors. If graduate students are accepted, however, they should be well advanced in their research.

Organisation of the Workshop

The aim of the Joint Sessions is to allow ample time for discussing each Paper and reflecting on the Workshop’s topic. A Workshop should therefore last for the whole eight sessions, unless there are exceptional reasons for finishing early. All participants are expected to be present during all the Workshop’s sessions. Participants should disseminate their Paper among the Workshop'participants.

Workshop Directors are responsible for the academic content of the Workshop and for the practical organisation. They organise the timing of the presentations and send a detailed programme of the Workshop’s meetings to all participants well in advance.  

If a Paper is co-authored, up to two authors can participate in the Workshop.


All participants in a Workshop must pay a participation fee. For the 2018 Joint Sessions in Nicosia will be:

ECPR Members €160
ECPR Student Members €80
Non-ECPR Members €680
Non-ECPR Students €450

Invoices will be generated in advance of the Joint Sessions, upon online registration.  Participants from the host institution and Workshop Directors are exempt from paying.

The ECPR offers a Joint Sessions Young Scholar’s Grant and a Joint Sessions Graduates Grant to those from ECPR Full-Member institutions that fit the criteria.

If two authors of the same Paper participate in a Workshop, only one of them can receive funding from ECPR. Our funding contributions will be sent to the participant after the event. Participants who need an advance should request it from their home institution.

Email jointsessions@ecpr.eu or telephone +44 (0) 1206 630045 with any questions.


"...the good of man must be the objective of the science of politics" - Aristotle

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