ECTS Credits

Participants have the opportunity to gain ECTS credits from the University of Ljubljana. In addition to ECTS credits (if applicable, see rules below), each participant receives, before leaving the Summer School, a certificate of attendance for each course attended.

Refresher Courses
No ECTS credits are awarded for these courses (only a certificate of attendance). There is no formal exam.

Two Week Courses
To obtain the full five ECTS credits available, participants must successfully complete their course, which includes daily assignments and/or project work and an exam on the Saturday at the end of the Summer School. Participants who do not sit the exam can still obtain three ECTS credits by successfully completing the daily assignments and/or project work. Those participants who only sit the exam but choose not to complete the daily assignments and/or project work can obtain two ECTS credits.

One Week Courses
Two ETCS credits can be obtained for a one-week course if participants successfully complete their course, including daily assignments and/or project work.

In the case of taking two one-week courses and completing the daily assignments and/or project work (two ECTS credits are awarded per course = four ECTS credits), an additional one ECTS credit can be obtained by taking and passing the exam from only one of the two courses taken.

Please note, if participants wish to obtain credits they must inform their Instructor on the first day of the course (when they sign the attendance sheet).


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