Joint International Teaching and Learning Conference 2019

Useful information


All academic aspects of the conference will be held at Hamburg University, Von-Melle-Park 20148 Hamburg. The following buildings will be used for Panels:

Von-Melle-Park (VMP) 5
Von-Melle-Park (VMP) 8
Von-Melle-Park (VMP) 9

Registration, the Plenary Lecture, and Welcome Reception will be held in the AudiMax (VMP 6)

A campus map can be found here.

The closest train station is 'Dammtor', which is a few minutes' walk from the campus.


Tourist information

Find the Welcome Centre at Alter Wall 11, near underground U3 Rathaus. 

Mon 08:00–17.00
Tue & Wed 08:00–12:00
Thu 08:00–18:00
Fri 07:00–12:00

There are also tourist offices at Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel Airport, the Harbour (St Pauli landing stages) and at Central Station. Find out more


The ECPR cannot be held responsible for any bookings, payments, or the delivery of excursions, made with tour companies, nor for the welfare of any participants. You are advised to have adequate travel insurance for the duration of your stay in Hamburg.

Waterkant Touren Explore the southern part of Hamburg in retro VW buses. Please contact if you are interested in taking a tour on August 23 or 24.


Most open 08:30–14:30 and 13:30–18:00 on weekdays; generally closed on Saturdays and Sundays

Cash machines / ATM 

The closest on campus are in front of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences, Von-Melle-Park 5. Find other ATMs at Dammtor station or the Grindelallee. Numerous cash machines around the city centre. If you are using a National Bank card there is an extra charge of €3–€5.


International dialling code for Germany is +49

The area code for Hamburg is 40

Emergency numbers

  • Medical emergency (Ambulance / Fire Department) 112
  • Police 110
  • Non Emergency Medical / Doctor on Call 116 117
  • Pharmacy (24-hour pharmacy information) 0800 228 2280
  • Dental 01805 050518


Type C European 2-Pin or Type E & F Schuko


  • Hotels €1 per standard bag. Some people tip the cleaners €1–€2 per day
  • Restaurants Bills include Bedienung (service charge), but most people add 5%–10%
  • Bars Tip around 5%, rounded to the nearest €. For drinks brought to your table, tip 5%–10%
  • Taxis Tip around 10%, rounded to the nearest €

Got a question?

If you're at the event, ask a student helper in a red T-shirt!

For all other enquiries, email us.

Useful phrases

Thank you Danke
Please                                                 Bitte
Entrance                                             Eingang
Underground                                     U-Bahn
Tram                                                   Tram
Train station  Bahnhof
Bus station  Bushaltestelle
Airport                                                Flughafen
Train approaching the station Zug, der sich dem Bahnhof nähert
Next station nächste Station













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