Panels requiring Chairs and/or Discussants

If you are attending the General Conference in Oslo and would like to act as a Panel Chair and/or Discussant on a Panel, the Panels listed below currently have positions available. A helpful How to be a Panel Chair and Discussant guide can also be found here. If you wish to perform a Panel Chair or Discussant duty, please confirm by emailing with the Panel name and/or Panel number as soon as possible, so we can add your details to the programme.


The following Panels require a Panel Chair


Section/ Panel number

Panel title

S15 P060

Conceptual Conflicts in International Relations


The following Panels require a Discussant


Section/ Panel number

Panel title

S06 P240 Negativity Bias in Communication Environments. A Successful Recipe?
S08 P157 Growth Models and the Eurocrisis
S14 P006

Accountability, Democratic Scrutiny and Intergovernmental Coordination

S14 P318 Regional Public Policy Convergence and Divergence
S15 P065 Conflicting Concepts in Making Representations
S17 P354 Stakeholder Governance in Standards Development Organisations: Exploring Mechanisms of the State, Market and Civil Society in Internet Governance
S22 P245 New Approaches to Citizens Involvement in Public Decision-Making Processes: Strategies at the Local Level to Reduce Institutional Disaffection
S23 P134 Fighting Tax Avoidance and Tax Crimes in the European Union
S27 P166 Indigenous Media
S29 P183 International Law and Legitimacy: From General Principle to Specific Applications
S30 P163 Idealism and Realism in Kant's Account of Political Change
S31 P185 International Organisations, Knowledge Diffusion and the Politics of Numbers
S41 P073 Corporate Social Responsibility as Collaboration among the Government, Businesses and Civil Society
S41 P084 Debating Politics and Democracy
S41 P105 Elections and Voting Behaviour
S41 P122 Perspectives on Global Democratic Practices
S41 P195 'Knowledge: Embodied, Inscribed, Enacted' – The Framework Reconsidered
S41 P250

New Spaces for Democratic Practices

S41 P281 Political Institutions and European Democracies
S41 P314

Reconfiguration of Politics in Times of Crises and Authoritarian Context: Turkey under the AKP Rule

S46 P229 Militant Mobilisation and the State
S49 P095 Digital Populism: Internet and Far Right Populist Politics
S49 P175 Insights from Internal Supply Side Perspectives (Structures, Ideas, Mobilizations)
S51 P117 Everyday Resistance, Alternative Practices, and Repertoire Renewal in Crisis Regimes: The Case of Greece
S58 P234 Multiple Facets of Authoritarianism in Turkey
S59 P273 Policy Effects of Subnational Governance in Autocracies
S63 P212 Locating Deliberative Democracy’s Normative Principles in Real-World Political Practice
S61 P442

Trends Towards Particularism in Citizenship Policies in Europe

S67 P460 Voting gone Rogue: The Political Psychology of Electoral Politics
S71 P114 EU Social Policy in the Post-crisis Era
S71 P151

Governance by Indicators and Algorithms

S71 P336 Rethinking EU Poiliticisation



"In all forms of Government the people is the true Legislator" - Edmund Burke

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