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Getting around the city

Rail, bus and harbour ferries in Hamburg are operated by Hamburg Public Transport Network (HVV). Basic information is below; find more detailed on the HVV website.

Public transport tickets and passes


HVV has one pricing system for all public transport. Buy tickets at the HVV online shop or from the vending machines prior to travelling.

Download the HVV App to buy tickets on your phone.


There are three AKN lines, four U-Bahn underground lines, six S-Bahn lines and nineteen regional train services. Undergound and rapid transport (U and S) run to around 00:30am weekdays and throughout the night at weekends in the Hamburg metropolitan area.

Map of the network system


MetroBus – numbers 1–15, for services within the city centre and central districts; 20–27 for connections between districts

Express bus (SchnellBus) – numbers 31–39

City and regional lines (StadtBus and RegionalBus) – three-digit number

Night buses (NachtBus) – these mainly service surrounding districts, and generally depart from Rathausmarkt. Numbers 600–688

Shuttle buses (EilBus) – 4 lines, with an E and double-digit number

Harbour ferries

HADAG operate daily ferries, with six lines;

61 Landungsbrücken→Neuhof

62 Landungsbrücken→Finkenwerder 

64 Finkenwerder→Teufelsbrück

72 Landungsbrücken→Arningstraße→Elbphilharmonie

73 Landungsbrücken→Ernst-August-Schleuse

75 Landungsbrücken→Steinwerder

HVV tickets are also valid on ferries.

HADAG also operate harbour tours departing from St Pauli Landungsbrücken, Pier 2.

CityBike – StadtRAD Hamburg


CityBikes are available from around 80 bike stations around the city centre. To use them, enter your bank, credit or customer card, or call the phone number circled in red on the lock cover. The first 30 minutes are free of charge, after which it's 6 cents a minute. To return the bike, lock it at a vacant parking space. 

Full terms and conditions





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