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Confirmed Courses

Updated 19 January 2017


All courses have now been confirmed, subject to the minimum number of participants being maintained. Participants cano now book their Travel and Accommodation.

Please note the software and hardware requirements listed in the course outlines; some courses require participants to attend with software pre-installed on their own laptop. For more information about course requirements please contact the Instructor (by clicking on the course code below you will be redirected to the course outline).


Short Courses

WA102. Successful Research Project Management: Hands-on Tools

WA103. Tools for the Analysis of Complex Social System: An Introduction

WA104. Programming in LaTeX for Social Scientific Document Preparation

WA105A. Introduction to R (entry level) - FULLY BOOKED - contact to be added to a waiting list

WA105B. Introduction to R (for participants with some prior knowledge in command-line programming) - FULLY BOOKED - contact to be added to a waiting list

WA106. Automated Web Data Collection with R - FULLY BOOKED - contact to be added to a waiting list

WA107. Introduction to Stata

WA109. Introduction to z-Tree, a Software Package for Designing and Implementing Laboratory Experiments

WA112. Introduction to Qualitative Data Analysis with Atlas.ti

WA113. Introduction to NVivo for Qualitative Data Analysis - ALMOST FULLY BOOKED

WA114. Introduction to MAXQDA a Qualitative and Mixed Methods Data Analysis Software

WA115. Vignette Methods in Interpretive Research


Main Courses

WB101. Working with Concepts in the Social Sciences

WB102. Comparative Research Designs - ALMOST FULLY BOOKED

WB104. Introduction to Qualitative Interpretive Methods

WB105. Experimental Methods

WB106. Linear Regression with R/Stata: Estimation, Interpretation and Presentation - FULLY BOOKED - contact to be added to a waiting list

WB107. Introduction to Statistics for Political and Social Scientists

WC101. Qualitative Interviewing - FULLY BOOKED - contact to be added to a waiting list

WC103. Focus Groups – From Qualitative Data Generation to Analysis

WC104. Survey Design and the Online Survey Lifecycle

WC105. Python Programming for Social Sciences: Collecting, Analyzing and Presenting Social Media Data

WD101. Introduction to Process Tracing

WD102. Introduction to Quantitative Text Analysis - ALMOST FULLY BOOKED

WD103. Introduction to Applied Social Network Analysis

WD201. Writing Ethnographic and Other Qualitative/Interpretive Research: An Inductive Approach

​WD202. Advanced Process Tracing Methods 

WD203. Advanced Topics in Set-Theoretic Methods and QCA

WD204. Advanced Multi-Method Research

WD205. Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis

WD206. Advanced Discrete Choice Modelling

WD207. Interpreting Binary Logistic Regression Models 

WD208. Inferential Network Analysis 

WD209. Introduction to Bayesian Inference

WD210. Times Series Analysis

WD211. Methods of Modern Causal Analysis Based on Observational Data

​WD213. Multilevel Regression Modelling - FULLY BOOKED - contact to be added to a waiting list

WD214. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with R


"The less the power, the greater the desire to exercise it" - Bernard Levin

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