Joint International Teaching and Learning Conference 2019

Presentation of Prizes

The following ECPR prizes were awarded during the plenary session on Thursday 7 September.


ECPR Lifetime Achievement Award

Joni Lovenduski is the recipient of the 2017 ECPR Lifetime Achievement Award.  Joni was unable to attend the General Conference so Isabelle Engeli received the award in her place.  To find out more about Joni's work and why she was chosen as this year's winner by the Jury, please see the ECPR Lifetime Achievement Award page.

Mattei Dogan Foundation Prize

The 2017 Prize, which is awarded by the ECPR on behalf of the Mattei Dogan Foundation, was presented to Hanspeter Kriesi. To find out more about Hanspeter's work and why he was selected as this year's winner, please see the Mattei Dogan Foundation Prize page.

EPS Prize

Katjana Gatterman, Ariella Huff and Anna-Lena Högenauer were awarded the 2016 EPS Prize for their article 'Studying a New Phase of Europeanisation of National Parliaments', which was published in the 2016 volume of the journal. Katjana and Anna-Lena received the Prize in Oslo on behalf of all three authors. To find out more about the article and why it won, see the EPS Prize page.

Hedley Bull Prize in International Relations

The recipient of the inaugural Hedley Bull Prize was Vincent Pouliot. To read more about this new Prize from the ECPR and why Vincent's book 'International Pecking Orders: The Politics and Practice of Multi-lateral Diplomacy' (Cambridge University Press, 2016) was its first winner, see the Hedley Bull Prize in International Relations page.


The ECPG Gender and Politics Career Achievement Award

This Prize awarded by the ECPR's Standing Group on Gender and Politics was awarded to Hege Skjeie.  To find out more about this Prize and the Standing Group see the SGGP website.





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