Joint International Teaching and Learning Conference 2019

Master Courses

For 2018, we've introduced a new course format aimed at participants at a more advanced stage of their research project.


The Master format will be five hours a day, Monday to Friday, giving a total of 25 hours teaching time. The day will be split into two sessions, and attendance is required at both.

Morning sessions combine theoretical lectures with discussions on cutting-edge developments in a particular method.

Afternoon sessions entail applications of methodological points on participants’ own research projects, through short presentations by participants, and small-group work.

Participant profile

You must be at an advanced stage in your research project, with at least some empirical material, and you must be engaged in analysis of this material.

What you will gain

Advanced understanding of how to use a method in practice, in relation to your research question.

Available courses

We have three courses available at Winter School: WC101 Qualitative Interviewing; WD203 Process Tracing Methods; and WD205 Advanced Multi-Method Research: Principles and Practice. To make sure these are suitable for you, have a thorough read of the course outlines.


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