ECPR General Conference
Universität Hamburg, Hamburg
22 - 25 August 2018

Panel proposals seeking Papers

The scholars below would like to propose a Panel for the General Conference but still need more Papers (between three and five) before they submit their proposal. Click on the Panel abstract to find out more about the Panel. To get your Paper included in one of the Panels, contact the Panel Chair(s) direct. The deadline for Panel and Paper proposals is midnight GMT on 15 February 2018 so ensure you do so well before this date.

Panel title Panel Chair name(s) Panel Chair institution(s) Panel abstract
Analyzing Legislative Politics in Multilevel Settings: New Challenges  Tanja Dannwolf TU Kaiserslautern Click for abstract
Daniel Finke Aarhus University
Behavioral and Cultural Approaches to Tax Compliance Nan Zhang Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods Click for abstract
Behavioural Instruments challenging Regulatory Governance? Analytical and Empirical Dimensions of the Behavioural Turn in Public Policy Jan Pollex University of Osnabrueck Click for abstract
Andrea Lenschow
Concepts of Politics in Postwar Political Science Dirk Jörke Technische Universität Darmstadt Click for abstract
Veith Selk Universität Trier
Conceptualising Inter-parliamentary Politics Onni Pekonen Leiden University Click for abstract
Taru Haapala University of Jyväskylä
Constitutions, Constitutional Change, and De-Democratization

Petra Stykow

Ludwig-Maximilians-University München

Click for abstract
Astrid Lorenz Universität Leipzig
Constructing Marine and Maritime Space: The Geopolitics of Regional Seas

Basil Germond

Lancaster University

Click for abstract
Sebastian Knecht Berlin Graduate School for Transnational Studies (BTS), Freie Universität Berlin
Does ‘Western’ Democracy still mean ‘Liberal Democracy’? Steffen Kailitz Hannah-Arendt-Institute for Totalitarianism Studies at the TU Dresden Click for abstract
Sascha Kneip WZB Berlin Social Science Center, Berlin
Democracy in an Age of Populism: The Electoral Success of the Radical Right and its Consequences for Citizens’ Perceptions of Democracy Jonas Linde University of Bergen Click for abstract
Andrej Kokkonen University of Gothenburg
Democratic Regression in Comparative Perspective Marianne Kneuer University of Hildesheim Click for abstract
Jonas Wolff Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF)
Disintermediation: A Pattern of Party Change in New Parties? Cecilia Biancalana University of Torino Click for abstract
Daniela R. Piccio
Divided in Unified Government of Presidential and Semi-presidential Regimes
Joseph Tsai National Chung Cheng University Click for abstract
E-Diplomacy - How the Digital Age shapes International and Security Affairs Jasmin Siri Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Click for abstract
Madeleine Myatt University of Bielefeld
Energy Justice and Equity: A Conceptual, Empirical and Critical Perspective Jan Osička Masaryk University Click for abstract
European Integration, Devolution, and Secession Paolo Dardanelli University of Kent Click for abstract
Experiments and Simulations in Political Science  Eric Linhart TU Chemnitz, Germany Click for abstract
Facilitating Democratic Innovations through and within Social Movements Andrea Felicetti KU Leuven Click for abstract
Selen Ercan University of Canberra
Functional Logics of Political Violence Michael Fürstenberg MPI, Halle Click for abstract
Sebastian Lange Humboldt University, Berlin
Miriam Müller HIS, Hamburg
Governing Environmental Sustainability in a Globally ‘Telecoupled’ World Jens Newig Leuphana University Click for abstract
Andrea Lenschow University of Osnabruck
Great Games in Small Seas: The Significance of Global Power Competition in Regional Sea Politics Agha Bayramov University Groningen Click for abstract
Dana Trif Babes-Bolyai University
Heuristic and Methodological Challenges of Understanding Large Protest Events Simon Teune TU Berlin Click for abstract
Peter Ullrich
Innovations to Facilitate the Voter Experience Theresa Reidy University College Cork

Click for abstract

Johanna Peltoniemi  
Innovative Management of Public Policies and Services. New Strategies to reduce Institutional Disaffection Bernabé Aldeguer Cerdá University of Alicante Click for abstract
Intraparty Competition under Proportional Representation Åsa von Schoultz University of Helsinki Click for abstract
Knowledge Production in Transitional Justice Susanne Buckley-Zistel Philipps-University Marburg Click for abstract
Anne Menzel
Local Public Management and Service Delivery: Life after NPM? Carmen Navarro University Autonoma of Madrid Click for abstract
Esther Pano University of Barcelona
Lying, Deception and Post-Truth and the Ethics of Representation

Sandra Kröger

University of Exeter

Click for abstract
Richard Bellamy European University Institute
Measuring Populism from Political Text: (Thin) Ideology, Rhetoric, Discourse Quality, Civility and Linguistic Style Julian Bernauer MZES/University of Mannheim Click for abstract
Denise Traber University of Luzern
Networked Publics in the Age of Hybridity Gabriella Szabó Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Click for abstract
Pawel Matuszewski University in Warsaw
New Developments in Multiple Streams Framework Nikolaos Zahariadis Rhodes College Click for abstract
Reimut Zohlnhöfer University of Heidelberg
Party Strategies in the Political Representation of Immigrant Minorities Santiago Pérez-Nievas Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Click for abstract
Guillermo Cordero
Policy Instruments in a Changing World: How and why do People Select and Combine Policy Tools? Andrea Lippi University of Florence Click for abstract
Giliberto Capano University of Bologna
Political Identities: Conceptual and Methodological uses to better Understand Sociopolitical Realities Alon Helled Università degli Studi di Torino Click for abstract
Political Leaders and Leadership in Illiberal Democracies, Semi-democratic and Authoritarian Regimes Philipp Köker Canterbury Christ Church University Click for abstract
Populism and the Personalization of New Parties Odelia Oshri Hebrew University of Jerusalem Click for abstract
Gideon Rahat
Post-factual Policy Analysis: Charting the Crisis of Expertise  Falk Daviter University of Potsdam Click for abstract
Claire Dunlop University of Exeter
Presidentialism and Regime Type in Russia and post-Soviet Countries  Mara Morini DISPO – University of Genoa Click for abstract
Presidents’ Informal Powers and the Policy Process Sébastien G. Lazardeux St. John Fisher College Click for abstract
Public Policy and Diversity in Federations Iris Reus University of Heidelberg Click for abstract
Stephan Vogel University of Cologne
Rising Cynicism and the Participation Gap Isak Vento University of Helsinki Click for abstract
Jenni Rinne
Social Movements and Policy Outcomes: How Right-wing Grassroots groups Influence Foreign Policy Sofia Tipaldou University of Manchester Click for abstract
Ioannis Galariotis European University Institute
Technocrats and ‘Party Politicians' in Governing Institutions Pedro Tavares De Almeida Instituto Português de Relações Internacionais, IPRI-NOVA Click for abstract
The Benefits of Complexity in Public Decision-making Processes Geert Teisman Erasmus University Rotterdam Click for abstract
Hans Bil
The Comparative Institutional Design and Effectiveness of Regional Seas Arrangements

Kathrin Stephen

Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) Potsdam

Click for abstract
Steinar Andresen Fridtjof Nansen Institute
The Effects of Direct Democracy  Micha Gemann KU Leuven Click for abstract
Matt Qvortrup Coventry University
The Foreign Policy Dimension of Sustainable Energy Transitions Sonja Thielges IASS Potsdam / Freie Universität Berlin Click for abstract
Rainer Quitzow
Sybille Röhrkasten 
The Irresistible Rise of Populist and Anti-establishment Parties? Martin Brusis Babeş-Bolyai University Click for abstract
The Right to Move. Perspectives on Transnational Citizenship in the EU Sandra Seubert Goethe University Frankfurt Click for abstract
Sandra Eckert
The Social Acceptance of Energy and Climate Policy: Cultural and Economic Explanations Tomas Maltby King's College London Click for abstract
Kacper Szulecki University of Oslo
The State of Digital Democratic Theory  Thorsten Thiel Weizenbaum Institute for the Connected Society / WZB Click for abstract
The Unbundling of Sovereignty: Political Jurisdiction, Territorial Rights, and Resource Rights Petra Gümplová University of Erfurt Click for abstract
Traces of Multiple Belongings: Social Movement and Trade Union Participation Jenny Jansson Uppsala University Click for abstract
Sabrina Zajak Ruhr-University Bochum
Uses and Misuses of Measures against Political Extremism Angela Bourne Roskilde University Click for abstract
Steffen Kailitz Hannah-Arendt-Institute for Totalitarianism Studies, Dresden
Voice after Exit? The Effects of Intra-EU Mobility and Migration on Democratic Participation Vesselin Paskalev University of Hull Click for abstract
Julia Rone European University Institute
Well-being Indicators: Political Perspectives Shiri Cohen Kaminitz The Hebrew University Click for abstract
Louise Readon University of Birmingham
Jan-William van der Rijt Universität Bayreuth


If you have an idea for a Panel but still need Papers to propose it, you too can advertise here. Email with your name, institution, Panel title and a Panel abstract, outlining the types of Papers you would like to attract.

If you receive Papers that do not fit your Panel theme, or if you receive too few or too many Papers, please encourage the authors to submit their Paper to the Open Section here.

Find more information on how to be a Panel Chair and Discussant here.


"Politics determines the process of "who gets what, when, and how"" - Harold Lasswell

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