ECPR Summer School
Central European University, Budapest
26 July - 10 August 2018

Confirmed courses

Updated 10 July 2018

Please note the software and hardware requirements in the course outline. Some courses require software pre-installed on your own laptop. To find out more, click on the course code number. This will take you to the course outline, which contains contact details for the Instructor.

If a course is fully booked email us to be added to a waiting list.

Confirmed Short courses

Course code Course title Thursday Friday and Saturday
SA101 R Basics – ALMOST FULLY BOOKED 13:30–17:00 09:00–17:00
SA103 Python Programming for Social Scientists: Big Data, Web Scraping and Other Useful Programming Tricks 13:30-17:00 09:00-17:00
SA104 Introduction to STATA 13:30-17:00 09:00-17:00
SA107 Introduction to Exploratory Network Analysis 13:30-17:00 09:00-17:00
SA108 Introduction to NVivo for Qualitative Data Analysis 13:30-17:00 09:00-17:00
SS02 Seasoned Scholars Workshop: Multi-Method Designs, Case-oriented and Comparative Methods    

Confirmed Main courses

Course code Course title Time
SB101 Introduction to Relational Social Science – Pragmatic Analytics 09:00–12:30
SB102 Introduction to Interpretive Research Designs: From Research Question to Research Proposal 09:00–12:30
SB103 Multi-Method Research: Techniques and Applications 14:00–17:30
SB104 Methods in Political Theory and Normative Analysis 09:00–12:30
SB105 Case Study Research: Method and Practice 09:00–12:30
SB106A Process Tracing Methodology I – Foundations and Guidelines 09:00–12:30
SB106B Process Tracing Methodology II – Evidence and Empirical Testing in Practice 14:00–17:30
SB107 Qualitative Comparative Analysis and Fuzzy Sets – FULLY BOOKED 14:00–17:30
SB108 Introduction to Experimental Research in the Social Sciences 14:00-17:30
SB207 Longitudinal Research Designs – Qualitative Approaches 14:00–17:30
SB208 Applied Experimental Research 14:00–17:30
SB210A Causal Inference in the Social Sciences I: Randomised Controlled Trials and Matched Designs 09:00–12:30
SB210B Causal Inference in the Social Sciences II: Difference in Difference, Regression Discontinuity and Instruments 09:00–12:30
SC101 Expert Interviews for Qualitative Data Generation 09:00–12:30
SC103 Survey Design and Analysis 09:00–12:30
SC104 Automated Collection of Web and Social Data 14:00–17:30
SC105 Big Data Analysis in the Social Sciences 14:00–17:30
SC106 Ethnographic and Other Field Research Methods: Introduction 09:00–12:30
SC206 Ethnographic and Other Field Research Methods: Advanced 09:00–12:30
SD001 Introduction to Inferential Statistics: What you need to know before you take regression – ALMOST FULLY BOOKED 09:00–12:30
SD002 Multiple Regression Analysis: Estimation, Diagnostics, and Modelling 14:00–17:30
SD101A Qualitative Data Analysis: Concepts and Approaches – FULLY BOOKED - email us if you'd like to register Group 1: 09:00–12:30
Group 2: 14:00-17:30
SD102A Analysing Political Discourse I: Theories, Concepts and Research Designs 09:00–12:30
SD102B Analysing Political Discourse II: Analyses and Applications 09:00–12:30
SD103 Introduction to Quantitative Text Analysis 09:00-12:30
SD104 Multivariate Statistical Techniques for Comparing Countries 09:00-12:30
SD106 Social Networks: Theoretically Informed Analysis with UCINET 09:00-12:30
SD107 Intermediate R: Capacities for Analysis and Visualisation 09:00-12:30
SD203 Quantitative Text Analysis 09:00–12:30
SD209 Applied Multilevel Regression Modelling 09:00–12:30
SD210 Advanced Social Network Analysis and Visualization with R 09:00-12:30
SD211 Introduction to Structural Equation Modelling 09:00-12:30
SD212 Panel Data Analysis 14:00–17:30
SD313 Advanced Causal Mediation Analysis 14:00–17:30

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