ECPR Joint Sessions
Université catholique de Louvain, Mons, Belgium, UCL Mons
8 - 12 April 2019


Getting to the City by...


The closest airport to Mons is Charleroi Airport, however, most flights arrive into Brussels international airport.  you can also travel into Charles de Gaulle airport.

Mons can then be accessed from these airports as follows:

From Brussels international airport
by train: 1 hour 30 minutes

From Charleroi airport
by train: 30-35 minutes
by bus: 40 minutes

From Charles de Gaulle airport via Roissy-en-Brie
by train: 3 hours
by bus: 2 hours


Mons railway station is accessible from all Belgian and European towns.  If you need further information, please refer to the SNCB schedules that are available at

Real-time arrival, departure, and delay information is available at or accessible by downloading the SNCB app to your smartphone.

Lille railway station (convenient for Eurostar travellers) -> Mons railway station
by train: 1 hour - 1 hour 15 mins
by bus: 1 hour

Brussels railway station -> Mons railway station
by train: 50 minutes
by bus: 1 hour

London -> Mons railway station
by train: 3 hours

Paris -> Mons railway station
by train; 3 hours

Amsterdam -> Mons railway station
by train: 3 hours

Köln -> Mons railway station
by train: 3 hours - 3 hours 30 minutes

Railway transport within Belgium is not expensive.


Mons is also easily accessible by car, since it is located close to the motorway E19/E42.  The campus of UCL Mons is easily accessible by motorways from Lille, Paris, Brussels and Liege.

Via  E19/E42

From Tournai-Lille-Paris

  • Take the exit 24 to the 'ring'
  • Exit right at Beaumont/binche
  • Follow direction Binche
  • Turn left 300 m after the Beaumont intersection or turn left at the intersection, you can access the campus via the Chemin des Mourdreux

From Brussels-Liège

  • Exit at Mons Est
  • Turn right, cross the bois d'Havré (Havré Forest)
  • Approximately 4 km after existing the motorway, turn left and take the Chemin des Mourdreux
  • Turn left before the intersection to enter the campus


The campus of UCL Mons is 2 km away from the city centre. Buses link the campus to the city centre and the railway station.

TEC (Walloon Regional Transport Company) operates a special shuttle by bus to the campus from Mons train station.  Buses operate regularly between the campus and the train station.

TEC also operates three main regular lines to serve the campus:

  • line 22 (Mons-Binche),
  • line 18 (Mons-St Denis),
  • line 82 (Mons-Trazegnies).

Buses departing the campus stop on request at the Bascule stop, simply alert the driver.

For lines 13 and 82 the bus stop nearest the campus is Mons chemin d'Obourg. 

The best line for participants to use is line 22 or the special Bus Helha/UCL that is the fastest to get to the campus.

There are also lines 34 and 134 that take you directly to Mons train station.

To consult all TEC lines, visit

Getting Around the City by...

Mons is a small city where connections by foot or by bus are often quite easy. 

You can also check out this website for a presentation of the city and information about what to see and do.


There is a waiting area for a taxi at Mons train station.  Taxis are affordable.



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