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For a map showing the campus where the Joint Sessions of Workshops will be taking place click here

The Joint Sessions of Workshops will be taking place at the Mons campus of UCL/HELHa-UCL Mons, the address being:

Campus UCL Mons - HELHa
151, chaussée de Binche
7000 Mons - BE

Registration & Workshops

Registration will be taking place in UCLouvain FUCaM Mons in Building D along with some of the Workshops.  The rest of the Workshops will be taking place in the HELHa Building HE3. Workshop Directors will be advised in due course what room and building their Workshops will take place in.

Food and drink

There will be several options for lunch for participants.  Firstly lunches that have been pre ordered will be available to take at the UCLouvain FUCaM university restaurant in Building D.  Secondly there will be various food trucks outside of HELHa Building HE3 and seating available within the restaurant in that building. There is also a supermarket within a few minutes walk of the university.  


In order to access free wi-fi during the Joint Sessions, alongside Eduroam there will be an event specific wi-fi network available.  The username for this will be ecpr and the password will be JSMons2019.    

Tourist information

Visit Mons.


Belgium is in the eurozone €.  Major credit cards are accepted. Banks exchange all major currencies in cash. There are several banks in the city centre, especially on the main square.

Cash machines / ATMs 

There are several cash machines in the city centre, especially on the main square.


International dialling code for Belgium is +32

Emergency numbers

  • Police 101
  • Fire Brigade 100
  • Ambulance 105
  • Pharmacy 0903 99 000


The electrical supply operates on AC 220-240 volts.

Got a question?

If you're at the event, ask a student helper in a red T-shirt!

For all other enquiries, email us.












"...the good of man must be the objective of the science of politics" - Aristotle

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