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Travelling to Sofia

By air

Sofia Airport (SOF)

Approximately 10 km east from the city centre. Sofia's airport is serviced by conventional and low-cost carriers including Air France, British Airways, EasyJet, Lufthansa, Ryanair, Turkish Airlines, Wizz Air and many others. Find cheap flights at Skyscanner.

From the airport, take the Metro Line 1

Sofia Metro Line 1 in Terminal 2 connects Sofia Airport to the city centre and provides direct connection from the airport to the large residential complexes in close proximity - “Druzhba” and “Mladost”, as well as to more distant complexes to the west – “Zapaden Park” and “Lyulin”.

The journey time from Sofia Airport to the city centre is approximately 18 min and run every 10-20 minutes (depending on the time of day between 05:00am and 23:30).

There is a free shuttle between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 which runs every 30 minutes.

For further information on the railway time schedule, please visit Metro Sofia.

The metro costs approx. 1.60 BGN less than €1.

Taxi Options

Use a taxi safely, taxis are known to overcharge in Sofia.

Order a Taxi from the Airport Taxi Counters

In both terminals there are counters of OK Supertrans taxi. Order through them and receive the number plate of the car waiting to pick you up.

TaxiMe Mobile App

You can download the TaxiMe Mobile App from your App Store. A taxi booked via TaxiMe would usually come within 3-4 minutes, you can see the car model / plate / name of driver, the location of the car and may afterwards rate the driver. On your email you get a report about the entire trip and costs billed to your card. 

Whichever option you use a taxi to the city centre will cost around 10-13 BGN (€6-7).

Bus Connections

There is an airport bus line #84 which runs from the airport to the university every 10 minutes and will take approx. 40 minutes. The cost for the bus is approx. 1.60 BNG less than €1. Click here for more information.


By train

Sofia Central Station is Sofia's main train station. With direct trains form Belgrade, Bucharest, Budapest, Paris and Vienna this may be a cheaper way to travel. Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. To find out more please visit The Trainline for tickets and prices. Early booking recommended; at least a week before the trip.


By bus

The long distance bus network is a cheaper alternative to rail. With 14 cities connected directly to Sofia by bus, and reduced prices for advanced online buyers. It's usually more expensive to buy tickets on the day. Visit FlixBus to see what options are available for you.


By Car

Access to Sofia has several entry points.

  • From the North and South via E79/A6
  • From the East via Thrace Highway E80/A1-A3 or from the old road paralelling the E80 Highway
  • From the West via A1/E80

It is recommended to park in a paid guarded lot. Parking in the centre is difficult, if you find free spaces, the Bulgaria police tend to behave harshly towards foreign license plates. Driving to or from the country you must have a vignette on every high-way. Buy it rightaway at the border or before leaving at any fuel station. Place ot on the front window, in the bottom right corner. The fine if you forget your vignette is approx. 200 BGN (€100).


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