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Conference Format

The Conference will open with a Plenary session, including a welcome address and introduction as well as two keynote speakers. Along with two Roundtable discussions over the course of the two days. There will also be 5 Sessions throughout the two days with 5 Panels in each session and 3 - 4 Papers in each Panel.

Proposals Process

Call for full Panels and individual Papers 1 October 2018 - 1 March 2019

All Panel proposals must include 3 - 4 Papers. (Papers submitted as part of a Panel do not need to be resubmitted individually.) There will be a separate call for Papers. Anyone wishing to propose a Paper individually will need to propose it to Section S01 "Standing Group Conference 2019".  If approved the Standing Group Convenor will then allocate it to an appropriate Panel. The process for submitting Panel and Paper proposals can be found in How to Participate.

Individuals may only perform the function of Panel Chair and Discussant once. Paper Presenters can present no more than two Papers. 

Stage 1: Call for Panels (with Papers) and individual Papers

Deadline 1 March 2019 (midnight GMT)

Anyone wishing to propose a complete Panel with Papers, and those wanting to propose individual Papers to Section S01 "Standing Group Conference 2019". Panels provisionally proposed must also be submitted through this procedure. Panels should include 3-4 Papers. Panel proposers need not beloing to an ECPR member instituion, but they must hold a MyECPR Profile.

The process for submitting Panel and Paper proposals can be found in How to Participate. Section S01 "Standing Group Conference 2019" welcomes full Panel and individual Paper proposals.

The deadline to submit complete Panels (with Papers) and individual Paper proposals is 1 March 2019 (midnight GMT).

From 1 October 2018 the Standing Group Convenors can view Panels and Papers being proposed to the system via their MyECPR Profile, they will review the number received and will determine the number of Panels. From 1 March 2019 they will approve/decline/reserve Panel and Paper proposals and will have until 15 March 2019 to finalise their review.

Panel Chairs, and Paper presenters will be contacted with the Standing Group Convenors' decision in early April 2019. If your Panel or Paper has been marked as reserved, ECPR will contact you as soon as possible if a space becomes available in the programme. Unfortunately it is not possible to determine when this will be.


Online registration opens 2 April 2019. You can find registration fees here, please check the cancellation policy here. Participants attending and appearing in any capacity must register and pay before midnight UK time on 1 June 2019. Registration and payment takes place through MyECPR. Anyone who has not registered and paid by this date will be withdrawn from the conference and replaced.

Paper Upload

Approved Papers can be uploaded to the ECPR website via the Presenter's MyECPR profile from 2 April 2019. Only the person listed as Presenter can do this. Papers should be in PDF format, in English. To specify preferences and presentation times, contact your Panel Chair directly. Please upload or circulate your Paper to fellow Panellists by 17 June 2019 so they have time to prepare comments and questions.

Please be aware that uploading your Paper via MyECPR constitutes agreement for ECPR to publish the Paper on this website.


Visas are the responsibility of the individual. Depending on the purpose of travel and your country of origin, different types of visas will apply. Enquire well in advance about entry regulations by consulting the nearest Bulgarian embassy or consulate, or a HWF office in your home country. Click here to find out more. Visa invitation letters will be supplied on request only when we have received the registration fee in full and the 7-day cooling-off period has passed. ECPR cannot offer any further advice on visas.

Further Information

Questions? Contact the Events Team.

This website is updated regularly with information about the Conference.

We will also make regular announcements in e-bulletins; please subscribe to the 'Events' mailing list via your MyECPR profile if you have not already done so.


"Aristocracies … may preserve themselves longest, but only democracies, which refresh their ruling class, can expand" - Hugh Trevor-Roper

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