How to Propose a Workshop

Who can propose to direct a Workshop?
What points should the proposal cover?
What is the deadline for proposals?

Who can propose to direct a Workshop?

Any scholar belonging to an institution that is a full member of the ECPR may propose to direct a Workshop. Please note that co-directors cannot be from the same institution, and should be from a different country. Associate members may propose to co-direct a Workshop with a scholar belonging to a full ECPR member institution. There should be a maximum of two Workshop Directors.

What points should the proposal cover?

An outline of the topic:
Explain why there is a need for a Workshop on the subject, bearing in mind that the topic should not have been covered by another Workshop during the past two years.

Its relation to existing research:
Explain how the Workshop topic relates to existing research/publications in the area.

Likely participants:
Indicate who the likely participants are to be. Note that all Workshops should be open rather than confined to an existing closed group of specialists.

Type of Papers:
Try to indicate the type of Papers you wish to attract, e.g. empirical, case study, comparative, theory.

Give an indication of foundations or research councils to which you would apply for funding the Workshop.

Biographical note:
Please outline (in 60-80 words) your current research interests, most recent publications and academic status (ie. Professor, PhD student, etc).

What is the deadline for proposals?

Proposals should be submitted to the ECPR Central Services by 01 February each year. Proposals are considered by the ECPR’s Executive Committee at its meeting during the Joint Sessions in the year preceding. Proposers will be notified of acceptance within one month of the meeting of the Committee.

Submitting Workshop proposals

Workshop proposals can be submitted by using the Propose a Workshop link available under the relevant year’s heading. Please ensure that all of the information listed under 'What points should the proposal cover' has been included in your uploaded Workshop Outline document.

Further Information

For further information about the Joint Sessions in general please contact Marcia Taylor at ECPR Central Services (, tel: +44 (0)1206 630045


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