The University of Tartu Organising Committee

The local hosts work alongside the ECPR Events Team with the organisation of the Graduate Student Conference.


Committee Chair & Academic Convenor

Vello Pettai, Professor, Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies.

"The idea to bid for the 2016 Graduate Student Conference came while I served on the ECPR Executive Committee from 2006 to 2012. During those years I came in contact with all of the ECPR’s major events, first as portfolio holder for the Summer School in Methods and Techniques and later as Treasurer, where I was responsible for financial oversight concerning all of the Consortium’s activities. When I thought about how to get my own university involved, I realised that there was no better way to introduce people to the beauties of Tartu and Estonia than during the long sunny days of mid-summer! It will be my honor to welcome you to the 2016 Graduate Student Conference!"


Piret Ehin, Senior Researcher, Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies.

Since 2011 Piret has been Director of the Center for EU-Russia Studies, an interdisciplinary research group focused on EU and Russian politics. During this time CEURUS has organised numerous international workshops, events and research publications. It has also hosted more than a dozen visiting scholars, including numerous PhD candidates. "Tartu has become a hub for people interested in EU, Russian and post-communist research. As one of the Grad Conference’s Academic Convenors, I will look forward to reading conference proposals from all fields of political and social science. Come and discover our intellectual community!"


Siiri Maimets, International student coordinator, Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies.

Has been working with international students and event management at the University of Tartu for nearly 15 years. For the last five years she has been Academic Coordinator at the Center for Baltic Studies, where she has helped foreign students arrange their studies and living in Tartu. "The Graduate Student Conference will be one of the biggest events we’ve ever staged. But that’s what makes it so exciting!"


Maili Vilson, Doctoral candidate.

Has been studying and working at the University of Tartu for 10 years, first as an undergraduate in history, then as an MA in our EU-Russia Studies programme, and now as a PhD candidate in political science. She is very familiar with the ECPR’s activities, having already attended the ECPR’s Summer School and been to other conferences. "It will be a great pleasure having so many fellow PhD candidates come here to Tartu!"

Contact Details

For all enquiries regarding the Graduate Student Conference please contact Anna Foley at +44(0)1206 630047


The conference is supported by the EU European Regional Development Fund and the City of Tartu.




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