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General Conference Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together this page to help address some of the most common queries regarding our General Conference 2022. 

If you still require assistance, please contact our Events Team.


The format is indicated in the Panel code prefix as part of the Academic Programme, as follows:

  • INN – In-Person Panels held at the University of Innsbruck 
  • VIR – Virtual Panels

If you have a participating role in the conference (Panel Chair/Co-Chair, Discussant or Presenter), kindly note that the registration deadline has now passed.

All roles and submissions for non-registered participants have been withdrawn.

If do not have an approved proposal or role at the conference, you may register as an observer between Tuesday 14 June and Thursday 11 August (midnight UK time).

Please note that the observer option is offered in a virtual participation format only.

Please get in touch with our Events Team as soon as possible, regardless of your participation format.

To check your registration status, make a payment, or find your invoice, head to My Invoices. It is your responsibility to ensure that we have received your fee in full.


Our interactive timetable is now live and can be found here. It’s now time to start earmarking everything you’d like to attend!

My Itinerary allows you to plan your attendance in advance. Search for the sessions you plan to attend and simply click/press on the 'Add to Itinerary' button.

If you make a mistake, simply click/press on the 'Remove from Itinerary' button.

Any Panels where you are participating as a Panel Chair, Presenter or Discussant have automatically been added to your itinerary and cannot be deleted.

In-person Panels

Room allocations are indicated in the 'Building' field on the Timetable. These can also be found once the Panel has been added to your Itinerary.

When creating the timetable for the event we start with the aim of scheduling all Panels within a Section on different, consecutive sessions, within the same room for the duration of the event. This is done programmatically first, and the timetable is then carefully checked and fine-tuned by our Events Team.

Where a Section is scheduled to take place across different rooms, or in the very unlikely event two Panels within a Section are scheduled to take place at the same time, it is because other factors have rendered it impossible to do otherwise.

The key reason for this is, when a participant has multiple roles at the event, for example presenting more than one paper, or acting as a Panel Chair/Co-Chair or Discussant as well. When this happens, we must timetable around them, to enable all of their engagements, which then has a knock-on effect on others.

All buildings used for the conference are within a 2-3 minute walk from one another, which should allow all participants to navigate the campus quickly and with ease.

Yes, we still plan to stream in-person Panels and headline events online. These will be available to all conference participants via our event platform.

Yes. Our Events Team will get in touch about arranging your travel via our dedicated provider. Please do not book any travel or accommodation independently.

All those with a participating role in Panels held in person are advised to be present in Innsbruck. If you are unable to attend in person, please contact our Events Team who will try their utmost to assist.

Virtual Panels

Please get in touch with our Finance Team about the refund for the overpaid fee. If you haven't paid yet, your revised invoice is now available via My Invoices in My ECPR.

If all Panels in which you have a participating role are taking place virtually, please consider your environmental footprint and avoid travelling to Innsbruck.

Please note that the reduced virtual fee covers online participation only.