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Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Programme and Courses

Which types of courses are on offer at the ECPR Summer School in Methods and Techniques?
The Summer School programme consists of an intermediate two-week course (one module) or two consecutive one-week courses (two modules; 10 days, three contact hours per day) or a one-week course (one module; five days, three contact hours per day) and refresher training course (six contact hours; three days). These courses assume basic knowledge of the topic at the level of an introductory course, and bring a PhD student to the level of methodologically sound PhD research.

Which types of courses are on offer at the ECPR Winter School in Methods and Techniques?
The Winter School programme consists of three types of one-week course: introductory methods courses, advanced methods courses (15 contact hours) and software training courses (7.5 contact hours). One- and two-week intermediate courses are offered at the Summer School in Ljubljana.

Introductory courses address a broad audience and require little systematic methodological training. Advanced courses, on the other hand, are for participants with strong prior training, and researchers wanting to apply the method in their field. Software/Refresher courses focusing on specific software packages used in empirical social research can be taken in addition to the introductory or advanced methods courses. 

Is there a limit to the number of courses I can take at the SSMT?
Yes. You may attend a maximum of three courses: Refresher + week one + week two course or any of the following: Week one plus Refresher; week two + Refresher; two-week + Refresher; Refresher only; week one only; week two only; two-week only.

When do I need to pay my course fees?
Within 15 working days of your registration. Please note that your place on the course will not be guaranteed until payment has been received in full. Please allow extra time for this if you are paying by bank transfer. Your payment due date is stated on your invoice, which you can access via your MyECPR account My Invoices and you can pay directly by credit or debit card.

Does the course fee include accommodation?
The fee is for the course(s) only. We have negotiated special deals for SSMT participants. Please see the Accommodation Information page.  

When should I book my travel?
Please do not book travel until you have been notified by ECPR that your course(s) are confirmed. This happens as soon as the course reaches a sufficient number of registered and paid participants and will be no later than 30 May 2014.

Once I have paid will I receive confirmation of my registration?
You can download a copy of your invoice, including course details, from your MyECPR account My Invoices once you have registered. For written confirmation of your registration, please email Denise Chapman

When is the deadline for registration?
Midnight on Thursday 17 July 2014. Please note that registrations from 23 June 2014 will require full payment within 24 hours via credit card from the ECPR website.

Is there a waiting list for fully-booked courses?
Yes. You will be notified on a first come, first served basis if a place becomes available. To be placed on a waiting list, please email Denise Chapman

When will I receive the reading material?
You will need to source most of your own reading material, though some will be uploaded onto the online platform Moodle from early June 2014. You may also wish to contact your instructor for further information (see course outline).

I have already registered but would like to change my course selection. What should I do?
You can change if there is a space available but this will incur a €25 administration charge.

Will I receive a certificate of attendance?
Yes. Provided you attend 80% of the course hours, you will be given a certificate of attendance for each course attended. If you leave before certificates are issued, contact Sabina Otonicar who will send you a copy.

ECTS Credits
Can I obtain ECTS credits for my course?
Yes, from the University of Ljubljana.

Two-week Courses
To obtain the full five ECTS credits available, you must complete the course, which includes a project assignment and an exam on Saturday 9 August from 09:00 to 12:00. Participants who do not sit the exam can still gain three ECTS credits by completing the project assignment. Participants who sit the exam but choose not to complete the assignment can earn two credits.

One-week Courses
You earn two ECTS credits when you complete daily assignments and/or project work.
If you take two one-week courses and complete daily assignments and/or project work, you will earn four ECTS credits. You can gain one additional credit by passing the exam from one of the two courses.

You need to let your instructor know if you want to obtain credits; you can do this on the first day of your course, when you sign the attendance sheet.

Refresher Courses
No ECTS credits are granted for these courses, only a certificate of attendance and there is no formal exam.

Organisational Matters
When should I arrive at the ECPR Summer School and when do courses finish?

Registration for All Courses Takes Place in Class 10 at the Faculty of Social Sciences
Refresher Wednesday 23 July 14:00-18:00
Two Week & Week One

Saturday 26 July 09:00-15:00
Sunday 27 July 14:00-17:00
Monday 28 July 08:00-09:00 (late registration)

Week Two Sunday 3 August 14:00-18:00

There is a welcome plenary session on Sunday 27 July 17:00 and a welcome reception 19:00 with refreshments.
Courses finish Friday 8 August 18:00.
Exams take place Saturday 9 August 09:00-12:00. To earn credits you must sit the exam. 
A detailed course timetable will be issued in June. Once all of the courses have been confirmed (no later than 30 May), the academic timetable will be published on Moodle, where you can check if your course finishes earlier. NB Even if instructors have indicated time preferences in their course outline, ECPR cannot guarantee courses will take place at these times until the official timetable is published.

Where will the ECPR Summer School take place?
The 2014 Summer School will be hosted by the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Kardeljeva ploscad 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.
All classes and labs are located at the Faculty, which is easily reached from the city centre by bus no 6-Crnuce, no 8-Brnciceva and 11-Jezica. Get off the bus at Mercator. Maps and directions are on the website and will be uploaded to Moodle.

How will participants be accommodated?
We ask participants to organise their own accommodation, see accommodation information. However, based on positive feedback from 2013 we have made special arrangements with two hotels: Dormitory Dijaski Dom Bezigrad and Hotel Park, please see the quick links bar.

Will I have internet access at the University?
The Eduroam service provides users with secure access to the wireless network of their own organisation and to hosting networks of other institutions in the Eduroam network. You can access the Eduroam network in Ljubljana free of charge using the same username and password as for your home Eduroam network.

Will I have access to the internet at my hotel?
Most hotels and dorms provide free WiFi. The WiFreeLjubljana wireless network allows visitors to the city centre free wireless internet for up to 60 minutes a day.

Special accommodation deals for SSMT participants
Please complete the special ECPR discount booking form for Dormitory Dijaski Dom Bezigrad and also the special ECPR booking form for Hotel Park.

To find out about Ljubljana’s transport, restaurants, entertainment culture, heritage and more, go to Visit Ljubljana