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© BAMBERG Tourismus Service Foto Sonja Krebs

Travelling to Bamberg


By Air

You can travel into Bamberg via four different airports; details for each are below. Most International flights are to Frankfurt FRA or Munich, but the closest airport is Nuremberg.

Nuremberg International Airport – NUE
70km from Bamberg, Nuremberg Airport is served by carriers including Airberlin, Air France, Eurowings, KLM, Swiss, Lufthansa, Ryanair, Turkish Airlines, Wizz and Vueling. Find cheap flights at Swoodoo, Opodo or Skyscanner.

You can travel from the airport to Nuremberg Central Station (Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof) by underground/subway line U2 which runs almost every ten minutes, from 04:42 to 00:36. The journey takes around 12 minutes and the fare is currently €3.00. After midnight there is a night bus, which runs once an hour, but takes a little longer, almost 30 minutes.

There are regular trains from Nuremberg Central Station to Bamberg. Journey times vary depending on the type of train, from 32 minutes via ICE to 43 or 56 minutes via R, RE or S-Bahn. Prices vary accordingly. A single ticket with the regional trains (IRE, RE, RB and S- Bahn) cost €11.20 and there is one R-Bahn and one S-Bahn per hour. All tickets can be purchased from machines directly at the airport, at the U-Bahn, S- Bahn, bus and train stations, as well as from ticket desks at train stations. Note that tickets from the Deutsche Bahn (DB) purchased at the airport are valid for connecting trains to the city centre station, too. That means you will not need an additional ticket from and to the airport.

For train connections, timetables and tickets please check the Deutsche Bahn website.

Alternatively, you can also get a bus to Bamberg. There is a daily, direct connection from Frankfurt Airport FRA to Bamberg at 12:40 from Terminal 2 that costs €11, if booked online and in advance. There are also several buses travelling from Frankfurt Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) to Bamberg. They cost from €11 to €15 and it takes about 3 hours. For timetables, prices and online booking see the FlixBus website.

Frankfurt International Airport – FRA
Germany’s biggest and busiest airport, 230km from Bamberg, is directly connected to the high-speed German railway network. From the airport, take the InterCity Express (ICE), which runs every 30 minutes, to Würzburg, where you can change to a regional train to Bamberg. There are several trains run every hour to Bamberg. The total journey time from Frankfurt Airport to Bamberg is around three hours; tickets cost between €40 and €65. Offers can be found on the Deutsche Bahn website.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport – HHN
Please be aware that although it is named after the city of Frankfurt, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is relatively inaccessible and would require an additional five-hour-trip by bus and train to Bamberg. However, sometimes there are very cheap Ryanair flights to Frankfurt Hahn. If you arrive at Frankfurt Hahn, you have to take the Flibco bus to Frankfurt Central Station (ticket currently €14). Timetables and tickets are available on their website. Tickets are available at the ticket desk in front of terminal B or from the bus driver. The trip to Frankfurt takes about two hours. To Bamberg, follow the above instructions from Frankfurt Central Station to Bamberg. Note that the trip from Frankfurt Central Station to Bamberg takes a minimum of another three hours. For more information check the Frankfurt Hahn Airport website.

Munich Airport – MUC
If you wish to travel by train, take lines S1 or S8 to Munich Central Station (München Hauptbahnhof). From there the ICE runs at least once per hour directly to Bamberg. Ticket prices vary between €29 and €63, depending on how early you book. See their website for information and bookings. Cheaper train options are the slower regional lines (IRE, RE, RB-trains) that travel from Munich Central Station to Bamberg via Nuremberg. The journey lasts around 3 hours and tickets are €23 (Bayern ticket / Bavaria ticket). The Bayern ticket allows up to 5 adults to travel together, with an additional cost of €5 per person added on top of the €23. For more information on the Bayern Ticket, see here. Tickets can be purchased at ticket machines at any station, including the airport. Note that the S-Bahn trip from the airport to Munich Central Station is included in the DB-ticket price.


By Train

Bamberg is connected to the InterCity Express (ICE) line Munich – Nuremberg – Leipzig – Berlin/Hamburg, which stops in Bamberg every hour. Bamberg is also connected to Würzburg and Nuremberg by regional trains, with several connections per hour. For more information on a specific connection, ticket prices and online booking, please see the German Railways website.

Deutsche Bahn offers a savings fare (Sparpreis) for both inland trips and international destinations. Fares may vary, from €19 to €39 or more. Early booking is recommended! For last minute train tickets and special fares, see the Itur website


Special Deutsche Bahn Ticket Options

Rail&Fly option
If you arrive at one of the German airports (with the exception of Frankfurt Hahn and Memmingen) and plan to take the train to Bamberg, you can check whether your carrier offers a Rail&Fly option. Rail&Fly allows you to travel from and to the airport when booking an international flight (especially if you arrive at Frankfurt International Airport) at reduced fixed fares. Rail&Fly is an offer available from airlines and tour operators and therefore can only be booked directly with them.  It is not possible to obtain this ticket after your arrival at the airport. You can check which carriers offer Rail&Fly here.  

The ticket is valid the day before the flight departure, the day of the flight departure, the day of the flight return and the following day after the flight return. Please make sure that you carry your valid ticket, your flight schedule/itinerary and your passport/ID card.

Sparpreis Europa
If you are planning to travel from within Europe and cannot find an affordable flight ticket, it might be worth checking the Sparpreis Europa offer by Deutsche Bahn. This offer of train services to and from the following European destinations (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, England, Hungary, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia and Slovenia) might be a good alternative. Generally tickets start from €39, but some connections are as low as €19, if you book early enough. For more information and bookings, please visit their website.

Bavaria-Ticket/Bayern Ticket
The Bavaria-Ticket is great for small groups of up to five people and the fare is determined accordingly: One person €23, Two people €28, three people €33, four people €38 and five people €43. All regional trains (IRE, RE, RB; second class) in Bavaria can be used as well as city buses, S-Bahn and U-Bahn lines. Note: The use of long-distance trains with the designating letters IC, EC, ICE and night trains is not part of this offer. The ticket is only valid at specific times: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 03:00 the following day; Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 00:00 to 03:00 the following day. You will find ticket machines at railway stations and nearly all subway (U-Bahn) and city train (S-Bahn) stations. Note: If you buy your ticket at a service centre counter, a service fee of €2 applies. This ticket is only valid within the region of Bavaria.


By Bus

The long-distance bus system has developed significantly and is a cheap alternative to the Deutsche Bahn. There are several bus companies (eg. Flixbus) offering direct connections to Bamberg. You can book directly via their websites, prices start from €9. It can be more expensive if you purchase your ticket at the bus stop or from the bus driver.

FlixBus offer connections to Bamberg directly from Berlin, Bremen, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt International Airport, Hamburg, Köln and Munich as well as a number of international destinations like Amsterdam and Prague. Check their website for prices, connections and tickets.

Other options are:

Eurolines for inter-European bus trips.

German Railways for buses (an alternative offer from the German Railways).

Berlinlienbus for inland connections to Bamberg.

Postbus for inland and international connections to Bamberg:

Make sure to check busradar for comparisons between different German bus companies, as well as cheap/special priced tickets. 

By Car

Bamberg is located in northern Bavaria and not near any major highways. It is however, well connected to the highway network. The A70 from Schweinfurt (connecting to the A7) to Bayreuth (connecting to the A9) runs along the northern edge of the town. The A73 on the eastern side of town connects Bamberg to Nuremberg (connecting to the A9 and A3) and Thuringia, ending at Suhl. The relevant motorway exits off the A70 and of the A73 are displayed on this map.