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Venue and location

Our 2019 General Conference takes place at the University of Wrocław.

plac Uniwersytecki 1
50-137, Wrocław

Map of University and surrounding area

The event will be held across three faculties:

  • Faculty of Law and Administration
    • building A, str. Uniwersytecka 22
    • building B, str. Kuźnicza 46
    • building C, str. Więzienna 8
    • building D, str. Uniwersytecka 7
  • Institute of Romance Studies, Nankiera square 4
  • University of Wrocław main building, University square 1

Registration, along with the exhibition of books and software, will run throughout the event on the ground and first floor of the Faculty of Law and Administration (Building D). Panels take place in the buildings listed above.

How to get there

By rail
The main railway station, Główny, is in the city centre and open 24/7. All the main Polish cities, along with other major central and eastern European destinations, can be reached within a few hours:

Kraków → Wrocław        3.5 hours
Warsaw → Wrocław        4 hours
Poznan → Wroc
ław         4 hours
Dresden → Wroc
ław       4 hours
Berlin → Wrocław          4 hours
Prague → Wroc
ław        5.5 hours

See trainline for more information about routes, stations, timetables and fares.

By air
Wrocław airport, 10km west of the city centre, is served by carriers including Lufthansa, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Ryanair, Wizzair and Polish Airlines.

Getting to and from Wrocław airport (WRO)

  • Bus Number 106 runs from the airport to the main railway station every 20 minutes. It's great value at just 3 PLN / €0.70, and takes around 40 minutes
  • Car The airport is easily accessible via the S8 motorway
  • Taxi A taxi costs 50–60 PLN depending where you want to go in the city centre. Pick them up outside the arrivals hall and confirm a price beforehand

Taxi contact numbers

  • Wicar Taxi  48 725 71 71 71
  • Daniel Taxi  48 660 74 54 66
  • Domino Taxi  48 711 96 25 /  48 601 999 625  /  48 512 303 203  /   48 794 354 789
  • Taxi Blues  48 713 21 03 03  /  48 604 96 61 00  /  48 606 25 62 00
  • Ryba Taxi  48 713 067 067  /  48 516 007 700
  • Royal Taxi  48 530 30 30 20
  • Eko Taxi  48 71 82 82 82
  • Radio Taxi Serc  48 71 196 29  /  48 71 363 37 37  /  48 607 96 29 00
  • Taxi S Class  48 503 075 683

By car
Wrocław is next to the A4 motorway (E40), which links cities to the west and to Germany. The A8 (E67) connects Wrocław with the Czech Republic. The S8 expressway goes to Warsaw. Travellers can bypass Wrocław city centre by using the Wrocław Ring Road (A8).


Travelling to the Plenary Lecture and Reception

National Forum of Music

The Plenary Lecture and Reception will take place at the National Forum of Music, Wolności square 1. It's a 15-minute walk from University building D – see the second page of this campus map. Alternatively take trams no. 6 or 7 from Uniwersytet Narodowe Forum Muzyki.


Information on where to stay

Travel insurance

We highly recommend organising travel and/or health insurance prior to travelling. 

Citizens of the the EEA (European Economic Area) and Switzerland can apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which allows access to state-provided healthcare at a reduced cost, or sometimes for free. EHIC does not cover private medical health costs and is therefore not an alternative to travel insurance.

Visa information

It is your responsibility to arrange a visa. Depending on the purpose of travel and your country of origin, different types of visas apply. Enquire well in advance about entry regulations by consulting the nearest Polish embassy or consulate, or a HWF office in your home country. Find out more. Visa letters will only be supplied once we have received your registration fee in full. ECPR cannot offer any further advice on visas. 

Getting around the city

Find basic information on buses and trams below; more at MPK Wrocław.

Public transport tickets and passes


Buy tickets from vending machines near stops, or on board buses and trams, by card only. Validate your ticket immediately after boarding a tram or bus. An adult standard ticket costs around 3 PLN / €0.70.



60 daytime bus services run 05:00–23:00, numbered 100–149.

Fast buses are marked with letters and have higher fares.

Rush-hour buses are numbered 300.

10 night buses run 00:00–04:00, every 30 minutes, numbered 240–259.



Trams run 05:00–22:30 Monday–Friday and 06:00–22:00 at weekends, numbered 0–24.


Next bike logo

NextBikes are available from 74 bike stations around the city centre. Press the ‘hire’ button and follow the instructions on the display. The first 20 minutes are free of charge, after which it costs 2 PLN for the first hour and 4 PLN for each hour thereafter. To return the bike, lock in a vacant space, press ‘Return’ and follow the instructions on the display.