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ECPR Methods and Techniques Winter School

© BAMBERG Tourismus Service. Photo: Sonja Krebs

Venue and location

All Winter School classes take place at:

Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences (BAGSS)
Feki Campus
Feldkirchenstraße 21

Campus map

The Winter School office is in the foyer on the ground floor.
The campus is open Monday to Friday 07:00–20:00.

Getting to Bamberg

Bamberg is near four international airports. Although most International flights arrive at either Frankfurt or Munich, the closest airport is Nuremberg.

Nuremberg International Airport – NUE just 70km from Bamberg, is served by conventional and low-cost carriers, including Air France, Eurowings, KLM, Swiss International Air Lines, Lufthansa, Ryanair, Turkish Airlines, Wizz and others. Find cheap flights at Swoodoo, Opodo or Skyscanner. From the airport, take subway line U2 to Nuremberg Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). The subway runs almost every ten minutes, from 04:42 to 00:44 daily, and the journey takes around 13 minutes. For late-night arrivals, night bus N12 runs once an hour to the Hauptbahnhof.

From the Hauptbahnhof, trains run regularly to Bamberg, between 04:30 and 01:00. There are no late-night trains to Bamberg and you may face timetable changes at weekends. The best option is the Regional Express (RE). A single ticket costs €12.30 for a journey of around 45 minutes. The S1 train costs the same but the trip lasts almost an hour. The InterCity Express (ICE) gets you to Bamberg in just 30 minutes but costs around €20. Check timetables on Deutsche Bahn or on Nuremberg Public Transport Network VGN.

Buy rail tickets from machines at the airport, which take cash or cards. These tickets are valid for the underground and night bus too, so you don't need an additional ticket from and to the airport. If you're travelling with someone else, the Daily Ticket Plus can be shared by two adults and costs €20.30 but is not valid on ICE trains.

Frankfurt International Airport – FRA is the biggest airport in Germany. The quickest and most convenient way to travel the 230km to Bamberg is by train. Take the InterCity Express (ICE) from the airport station to Würzburg. In Würzburg, change to a regional train (RB or RE) to Bamberg. The journey takes around three hours and tickets cost between €30 for advance and €65 for late bookings. For timetables and bookings, go to Deutsche Bahn or There is a once-daily bus connection from Frankfurt airport to Bamberg, at 12:40. The trip lasts around 4 hours and costs around €10in booked early. Book online at FlixBus.

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport – HHN is 125km from Frankfurt itself, and a full five hours by bus and train from Bamberg, though you can sometimes find very cheap Ryanair flights. From Frankfurt-Hahn, the Flibco bus and the FlixBus take you to Frankfurt's Hauptbahnhof. Check the timetable in advance. Fees vary from €5 to €16 if you pre-book online. You can also buy tickets at the desk in front of terminal B or from the bus driver, but you'll be charged €19. From the Hauptbahnhof, take the ICE train to Würzburg and change to a regional train (RB or RE) to Bamberg (check for timetables and prices). Regular buses run from the Hauptbahnhof to Bamberg. Check FlixBus for timetables and bookings.

Munich Airport – MUC. There is a bus to Bamberg once a day, which costs around €25. Check timetables and pre-book tickets at FlixBus. To travel by rail, take subway lines S1 or S8 from the airport S-Bahn station to Munich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). At the Hauptbahnhof, change to the InterCity Express (ICE) that runs every two hours to Bamberg. Tickets start at €29, depending on how far in advance you book. Check timetables and pre-book tickets at Deutsche Bahn.

For cheaper fares, choose a slower regional connection (IRE, RE, RB trains) from the Munich Hauptbahnhof to Bamberg via Nuremberg, where you have to change trains. The journey lasts around three hours. The Bayern Ticket (bavaria regional ticket) starts at €25 and allows groups of up to five adults to travel together, with an additional fee of €6 per extra person. Buy tickets at the airport machines; the S-Bahn from Munich airport to the Hauptbahnhof is included in the price. Bayern Tickets are not valid for high-speed ICE connections.

Always check train timetables online nearer the date of travel; there may well be changes late at night and at weekends.

Regional, InterCity Express and international trains connect to Bamberg regularly. Deutsche Bahn offers all InterCity Express travellers a Saver Fare (Sparpreis) for inland and international destinations. Sparpreise cover the biggest cities in Germany as well as Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, England, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia and Slovenia. Prices start at €19.90 for inland trips and €39 for international destinations. Early booking recommended; at least one month before the trip. On the regional train network (RB, RE, S-Bahn and others), you can find special offers, like the Bayern Ticket, the Franken-Thüringen Ticket, the Weekend Ticket and the Day Ticket for Germany. All these enable you to travel in groups of up to five, paying a basic price plus a small extra fee for each additional person. Deutsche Bahn regional offers compared. For last-minute tickets and special fares, see Itur.

Rail&Fly tickets from airlines and tour operators

If you are travelling to a German airport (with the exception of Frankfurt-Hahn and Memmingen) and plan to take the train to Bamberg, check whether your carrier offers a Rail&Fly option, which offers reduced fares from and to the airport when booking an international flight. Rail&Fly is available only from airlines and tour operators, and can only be booked with them. You cannot buy a Rail&Fly ticket after arrival at the airport. The ticket is valid the day before the flight departure, the day of the flight departure, the day of the return flight and the day after the return flight. You must carry a valid ticket, your flight schedule/itinerary and passport/ID card.

Always check train timetables online nearer the date of travel; there may well be changes late at night and at weekends.

As soon as Panel and Paper proposals open in December, you will be able to view submissions to your Section via your MyECPR account. After the proposal deadline the Academic Convenors will review the number of proposals submitted to each Section and will notify you if your Panel allocation has been changed.

The long-distance bus network is a cheap alternative to rail. Several companies offer direct or indirect connections to Bamberg, and reduced prices for advance online buyers. It's always more expensive to buy tickets on the day. Check busradar to compare fees and find special-price tickets. FlixBus offers numerous national and international connections from Berlin, Bremen, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Köln and Munich, along with cities in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, France and Poland. If you don't mind changing buses, you can reach even more European destinations.

Bamberg lies in Franconia, northern Bavaria, and is well connected to the German motorway network. The A70 from Schweinfurt to Bayreuth runs along the northern edge of the town. From the A70 you can connect to the A71, A9 and A7. The A73 on the eastern side of town connects Bamberg to Nuremberg and Thuringia. From Nuremberg, you can pick the A9, A3 and A6. Find the relevant motorway exits off the A70 and A73.

Getting to Campus

Bus Bamberg public transport relies exclusively on buses. Buses run from the city centre to Feldkirchenstraße at least every 10 minutes during the day. From the ZOB, take buses 914 (direction Gundelsheim), 915 (direction Gartenstadt) or 907 (direction Memmelsdorf) and alight at Feldkirchenstraße. Alternatively, take buses 931 (direction P+R Kronacher Straße) or 901 (direction Bamberg Gartenstadt) and get off at Kloster-Banz-Straße. There are fewer buses after 19:00.

A single journey currently costs €2.00, a day ticket €4.50, four journeys €6.80 and a weekly ticket €14.40. Tickets are available from machines at many bus stops, from the Information Center at the ZOB, or directly from bus drivers.

Bus network map

Night bus Bamberg's daily bus timetable ends at 20:00. Thereafter, four night bus lines, 935, 936, 937 and 938, starting at ZOB. Download the free VGN Fahrplan & Ticket App for Android, iOS and Windows, which contains local routes, timetables and ticket prices.

You could also rent a bike for the duration of the Winter School, because there is an excellent network of cycle paths connecting Feldkirchenstraße (the Winter School location) with different parts of the city. However, many trips around Bamberg can be done on foot in less than 30 minutes.

Call-line Taxi (ALT) The call-line taxi is a service for low-demand bus routes and an alternative option to night buses. After 19:00 taxis run along regular bus routes instead of buses. The routes that are part of the ALT service are mentioned with an 'ALT' or 'AL' symbol on the bus timetable and not every route is part of the ALT service. 

To be picked up, call +49 (0)951 14443 at least half an hour before the departure time specified in the bus timetable. When calling, you must state which bus stop you want to be picked up from, how many people there are and where you want to be dropped off. Bear in mind that you can only be picked up/dropped off at a regular bus stop. The service costs the same as a simple bus ticket. You can buy tickets directly from the taxi driver. 

Taxi You can also call a local taxi to pick you up, wherever you are. Call +49 (0)951 15015 or +49 (0)951 34545.


Where to stay

Please do not book your travel and accommodation until all of your courses have been confirmed. The local organising team has negotiated special discounted rates for participants. From superior hotels and self-catering apartments to high-standard youth hostels, there is an option to suit every budget. These are only suggestions, not recommendations. Try Couchsurfing or AirBnB for other options.

To book, contact the establishment directly by email or phone quoting Winter School 2020. Booking deadlines for special rates vary, and there may be minor rate changes. Offers are subject to availability and early booking highly recommended.
Accommodation type / name Distance from Social Science Faculty building / BAGSS En-suite facilities? Free wi-fi? Breakfast Address
Backpackers Bamberg (Hostel) 1.6km No Yes Basic Heiliggrabstraße 4, 96052 Bamberg
Jugendgästehaus am Kaulberg (Hostel) 3.3km Yes Communal areas only Included Unterer Kaulberg 30, 96049 Bamberg
Hotel Andres 1.6km Yes Yes Included Heiliggrabstraße 1, 96052 Bamberg
Altstadthotel Weierich 3km Yes Yes Included Lugbank 5, 96049 Bamberg
Hotel Alt Bamberg 2.8km Yes Yes Included Habergasse 11, 96047 Bamberg
Hotel Standstern 3km Yes Yes Included Obere Sandstraße 11, 96049 Bamberg
Central 2.5km Yes Yes €7 per day Promenadestraße 3, 96047 Bamberg



Backpackers Bamberg

A small, independent and cosy hostel between the railway station and the city centre, offering good connections to the University and only a short walk to the city centre. Prices include Wi-Fi and a basic breakfast (tea, coffee and cereals).

  • Single room €29 per night
  • Bunk bed in six-bed dorm €17 per person per night

Dorms of two and five beds are also available.

Jugendgästehaus am Kaulberg

Opened in 2011 and fully renovated, this is the biggest youth hostel in Bamberg, at the edge of the city centre, close to the Cathedral and the mediaeval and baroque areas. The bus stop to the central bus terminal (ZOB) is right opposite the main entrance. Prices are per person/night and include bed sheets and breakfast. All rooms have their own WC and bathroom. There is a free Wi-Fi network in the communal areas.

  • Four single rooms: €40.90 per person/night for a minimum of 2 nights.
  • Four double rooms: €34.90 per person/night for a minimum of 2 nights.
  • Three rooms with four beds: €32.90 per person/night for a minimum of 2 nights.
  • Three rooms with six beds: €30.90 per person/night for a minimum of 2 nights.

€2 per person, per night will be charged for only one night.

The hostel is primarily intended for younger people, guests over 27 years will have to pay an extra fee of €4 per person per night.

The hostel requires your name, address, telephone number, preferred room type, arrival/departure date and time. Your bill must be paid in full at least four weeks before you arrive. You may cancel up to four weeks prior to arrival. An 80% deposit is charged for late cancellations. Towels €1.50 (one small and one large towel).

Booking by Wednesday 18 December 2019. Rooms at these rates may still be available after this date. Other options may also be available.


Breakfast and wi-fi is included unless stated otherwise.

Hotel Weierich

In the UN World Heritage city centre, close to the river Regnitz. The famous baroque Old Town Hall, Little Venice and the lively Sandstraße and Austraße. There are many bars, cafés and clubs and only a five-minute walk from the central bus terminal (ZOB), where you can take the bus to the winter school.

  • Five single en-suite rooms €45 per night
  • Six double or twin en-suite rooms €60 per night for single occupancy or €70 per night double occupancy

Prices apply for a minimum of four nights. Less than four nights, + €5 per-night.

You can cancel free of charges up to three weeks before arrival. An 80% deposit will be charged for cancellations up to 2 days before arrival. To confirm your booking, €0,01 cent will taken from a credit card. The expiry date on the card must after March 2020.

Stadthotel Andres

In a quiet street, two minutes' walk from a train station, 15 minutes' walk from the city centre, and about 20 minutes' walk (or a three-minute bus ride from bus stop Bahnhof) from the University. Shops, banks and a post office are just around the corner.

  • Eleven single en-suite rooms €45 per night
  • Nineteen double or twin en-suite rooms €55 per night for single occupancy or €65 per night double occupancy
  • Six triple en-suite rooms for €65 per night for single occupancy, €75 per night double occupancy, €85 per night triple occupancy

Prices apply for a minimum of five nights. Bookings of less than five nights carry a €5 per-night surcharge.

A credit card will is required at the time of booking to secure the booking. You will not be charged before you arrive unless you cancel.

Cancellation Policy: cancel free of charge more than six weeks prior to arrival. Four to six weeks prior to arrival 10% charge of the total amount. Two to four weeks prior to arrival 20% charge of the total amount. One to two weeks prior to arrival 50% charge of the total amount. Two days prior to arrival 80% charge of the total amount. Any later no refunds.

Special-rate booking deadline, 3 January 2020

Hotel Alt Bamberg

In the UN World Heritage city centre, with restaurants, cafés, bars, shops, a post office and cashpoints just around the corner. The central bus terminal ZOB and a small supermarket are a two-minute walk away as well as Bamberg’s Hain Park.

  • Eight single en-suite rooms €56 per night
  • Six double en-suite rooms €84 per night

Cancellation Policy: up to seven days prior to arrival  you will be charged 80% of the total amount.

Special-rate booking deadline, 14 January 2020

Hotel Central

A refined Bavarian-style property, just three minutes' walk from the heart of Bamberg and 150m away from the central bus terminal (ZOB). From the railway station (approximately 1.5km or a 20-minute walk), a taxi to Hotel Central costs around €6.

  • Fifteen single en-suite rooms €59 per night (€56 for five nights or more)
  • Double en-suite room €79 per night (€76 for five nights or more)

To book, email To secure your booking, you will need to provide your home address, arrival time and credit card details.

Booking deadline for discounted rates 31 December 2019.

Hotel Sandstern

A small, cosy hotel in the heart of Bamberg’s nightlife district and just minutes from some of the city’s most famous sights, including the Cathedral, the Abbey, the Old Town Hall and Little Venice. You can enjoy a variety of Bamberg’s beer places just outside the hotel or a coffee at one of the cafés just across the river Regnitz. The central bus terminal ZOB is only a 10-minute walk, from which you can catch a bus direct to the Winter School.

  • Single en-suite room €62.50 per night
  • Double en-suite room €84 per night or €76.50 for single occupancy

To book, email

You can check-in after 15:00. The hotel is closed between 12:00 and 15:00, if you plan to arrive during this time arrange this with the hotel in advance.

Cancellation policy: Three days prior to arrival 75% charge of the total amount. Later than that, the whole amount will be charged. 

Booking deadline for discounted rates 31 December 2019.

Self-catering accommodation

For more information, contact Claudia Gamböck, a central booking agent for various self-catering establishments in Bamberg.