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ECPR Futures Lab 2020

Electoral Quotas and Political Representation: Comparative Perspectives

Workshop Number
Workshop Director
Mona Lena Krook
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Workshop Co-Director
Pär Zetterberg
Uppsala Universitet

Electoral quotas have emerged as one of the critical political reforms of the last two decades. Policies for women have been introduced in more than 100 countries, at the same time that more than 30 states have introduced quotas for minority groups. The recent and global nature of these developments has sparked both scholarly and popular interest, but as an emerging literature points out, debates over quotas are not simply about increasing the numbers of women and minorities elected. Both advocates and opponents predict – albeit in opposing directions – that quotas will have ramifications for a host of representative processes, including legislative diversity, policy-making behavior, public opinion, and patterns of mass mobilization. Existing evidence, however, is not conclusive as to whether electoral quotas constitute a step forward for democracy, or whether they contribute in any way to the broader empowerment of group members.

This workshop seeks to bring together scholars analyzing a variety of empirical cases and using a range of different research methods, with the goal of collectively theorizing, studying, and assessing the broader impact of quotas on politics and society. Submissions are encouraged that address electoral quotas for women or minorities, or both. Political representation is understood broadly to refer not only to legislative presence and policy-making, but also to mass-elite linkages, internal party democracy, and dynamics of democratization, among other possibilities. The directors also encourage proposals that are comparative in some fashion, whether these comparisons involve multiple countries, different groups, levels of government, or facets of representation.

Paper List

Title Details
‘Someday Girls, Someday’: Legislating for Candidate Gender Quotas in the Republic of Ireland View Paper Details
“Spill-over” Effect of the Electoral Gender Quota in South Korea View Paper Details
Concepts of Representation in the Process of Candidate Selection. Analysing intra-party Quotas for State Party Lists for the German Federal Elections View Paper Details
Development from Representation? Exploring the Effects of Quotas for Scheduled Castes in India View Paper Details
Electoral Gender Quotas and Citizen Attitudes towards Female Leaders: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Lesotho View Paper Details
Electoral Quotas: Quantity and Quality of the Increase of the Political Representation of Women in Spain View Paper Details
Explaining the Differential Implementation of Electoral Gender Quotas within Party Organisations: The Case of Belgium, 2002-2012 View Paper Details
Formal Quotas versus Representative Behaviour: Patterns of Representative Behaviour of Slovenia’s Female MPs and MEPs View Paper Details
Gatekeepers under Pressure: Women's Representation and Party Competition in Malawi and the Western Cape Municipalities in South Africa View Paper Details
Gender Quotas and Women’s Empowerment in Political Parties: Beyond the Distributive Logic View Paper Details
Gender Quotas, Election Procedures and Women’s Descriptive Representation: Assessing the Impact of Election Procedure Reform on Women MPs’ Attributes in Uganda View Paper Details
Indirect Effects Matter: Gender Quotas and Minority Representation View Paper Details
Intersectionality and Electoral Quotas: Ethnicity and Gender in Candidate Selection in Belgian and Dutch Parties View Paper Details
Manipulating Quotas: Parties, Placement and Women's Political Participation in Brazil and the Dominican Republic View Paper Details
New Perspectives on Group Representational Schemes for Minorities and Women around the World View Paper Details
Politics of Electoral Quotas: Comparing the Political Representation of Ethnic Minorities and Women in Singapore View Paper Details
Quotas for Advisory Boards, Business, and Politics: Similarities and Differences in the Regulation of Gender Relations View Paper Details
Quotas in Mexican states: The Complexity of a Renewed Federal Regime View Paper Details
Tracing Gender Differences in Parliamentary Debates: A Growth Curve analysis of Ugandan MPs Activity Level in Plenary Proceedings, 1998-2008 View Paper Details
Win Some, Lose Some? A Comparative Study of Gender Quota Campaigns in Samoa and Papua New Guinea View Paper Details
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