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ECPR Journals Virtual Special Issue

Politics and Policies of AI, Big Data and Algorithmic Governance

European Union
Public Policy
Comparative Perspective
Big Data
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Inga Ulnicane
De Montfort University
Panel Co-Chair
Tero Erkkilä
University of Helsinki
Panel Discussant
Inga Ulnicane
De Montfort University

24/08/2020 11:00 - 12:45
In recent years the fast development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning have presented not only major economic opportunities but also raised significant concerns about their impact on the future of democracy and welfare state. These developments raise fundamental political and policy questions such as distribution of power and resources within countries and across different parts of the world, the influence of big tech companies and the role of the national governments, international organizations and civil society.

Against this backdrop, this panel addresses politics and policies of AI, Big Data and algorithms. Scientific and practical questions to be addressed include: What is the role of politics, policies and governance in shaping development and use of AI, Big Data and algorithms? What is the balance of power between big tech, national governments, international organizations and civil society? What are national and regional differences in politics and policies of AI, Big Data and algorithms?

We welcome papers that analyse discourses and narratives on AI and Big Data as well as analysis on institutional practices emerging and transforming as a result of algorithmic governance. Contrasting the expectations and realities of AI and algorithmic governance, the panel welcomes papers concerning the politics and regulation of AI, Big Data and algorithms and related issues of trust and accountability. Diverse theoretical and methodological approaches, empirical cases and interdisciplinary perspectives in addressing this complex topic are encouraged.

Paper List

Title Details
(Un)evenly Distributed Futures? Concerns for Absolute Versus Relative Gains in the Governance of Artificial Intelligence in the European Union, the United States, and China View Paper Details
Algorithmic Transparency as a Challenge and Opportunity for Governance: The Case of the National Government of Finland View Paper Details
Artificial (In)Security and the EU: The Politics of AI, Technoscience, and Buzzwords View Paper Details
EU-Global Interactions in AI Policies and Politics View Paper Details
We are So Late as Always, but Not That Much: Fabrication of Underpinning Discourse in the Case of AI Governance in South Korea View Paper Details
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