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The Masks of the Political God by Luca Ozzano

Climate Change 2.0? Normative and Political Issues of Geoengineering the Climate

Workshop Number
Workshop Director
Clare Heyward
University of Oxford
Workshop Co-Directors
Christian Baatz
University of Kiel
Konrad Ott
University Greifswald

In response to the global failure to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, some scientists are proposing geoengineering as a solution to global climate change. Geoengineering can be regarded as a “technological solution”: the large-scale deliberate manipulation of the planetary environment to counteract climate change. The development of technology to intervene in the Earth’s climate systems invites many moral and political questions, which can be broadly divided into three categories: Ethical questions concern the appropriate relationship with/attitude towards the non-human “natural” world. An example is the question: is geoengineering hubristic? Questions of distributive justice concern the distribution of benefits and burdens of geoengineering. For example, is geoengineering justifiable as a means of providing ways for future generations to avoid dangerous climate change? What priority should it be given compared to mitigation and adaptation? How should foreseeable and any unforeseeable costs of a decision to deploy a geoengineering technology be distributed? Questions of procedural justice consider the national and international governance mechanisms that might be necessary to ensure that a decision to deploy geoengineering is legitimate. Could unilateral deployment of a geoengineering technique be permissible and if so in what circumstances?

Geoengineering research is in its infancy but development of technology powerful enough to affect the global climate is likely to invite political controversy. This workshop aims to start the rigorous investigation of the issues that might arise with the development of geoengineering technologies by inviting contributions on the ethics and politics of geoengineering.

Paper List

Title Details
“In Case of Emergency Press Here:” Geo-Engineering as Response to Dangerous Climate Change View Paper Details
An Irreversible Entanglement? Towards a Post-natural Understanding of Geoengineering View Paper Details
Can we have it both ways? On Potential Trade-offs between Mitigation and SRM View Paper Details
Climate Made to Order? An Inquiry into the Hubris of Geoengineering View Paper Details
Deliberative Mapping of Climate Geoengineering Appraisal View Paper Details
Environmentalism and Geoengineering: Towards a New Climate Politics View Paper Details
Evaluating Geo-engineering from a Capabilities Perspective View Paper Details
Intentional and Unintentional Climate Change: What is the Moral Difference? View Paper Details
Is Stratospheric Aerosol Injection maybe the Lesser Evil after all? How Multi-dimensional Consequentialism can deal with Climate-engineering View Paper Details
Public Perception of Geoengineering and its Consequences for Public Debate View Paper Details
Self-Governance for Climate Engineering Research: Implications from rDNA Technology View Paper Details
The Political Economy of Solar Radiation Management View Paper Details
Virtual Climates: The Political World of Geoengineering Simulation Studies View Paper Details
What Now? An Exploration of the Potential for Federalism in Environmental Governance View Paper Details
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