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Institutionalisation of Political Parties: Comparative Cases. Edited by Robert Harmel and Lars G. Svasand

Europe and the IMF: Governing an Unexpected Relationship Through Turbulent Times

Workshop Number
Workshop Director
Zdeněk Kudrna
Universität Salzburg
Workshop Co-Director
Katharina Gnath
Hertie School of Governance

The financial crisis has transformed the relationship between the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Europe. As the European Union (EU) and the Eurozone in particular struggle to formulate an adequate response, the IMF finds itself propelled once again to the center of crisis management and economic policy-making – after decades of no engagement in advanced European economies. At the same time, the fact that currently 40% of IMF crisis financing is flowing to EU member states raises concerns about a potential European bias and the excessive exposure of non-European members to the problems of the “old continent”, amidst a revived debate on IMF governance reform.

This workshop reviews how the relationship between the IMF and Europe has transformed over the last decade. We invite papers informed by a wide range of theoretical approaches to international political economy or EU and global governance that address questions such as: How successful was the IMF’s surveillance of the Eurozone in the run-up to the crisis? What was the impact of the IMF on the European stabilization programs and European economic governance? In what ways have IMF policies towards Europe differed from those directed at emerging markets? How has Europe’s role and standing within the IMF changed in the last decade? How does the Euro crisis alter the patterns of European coordination and influence within the IMF?

Paper List

Title Details
Dancing to the IMF Tune: Re-regulation of EU Banking During the Euro Crisis View Paper Details
Europe and the 2010 IMF Governance Reform View Paper Details
Governing the European Monetary Union's External Relations: Assessing Theories of European Coordination at the IMF View Paper Details
Inside the Troika: A Comparative Analysis of EU-IMF Negotiations with Greece and Ireland View Paper Details
Institutional Change under Crisis: The cases of the IMF and the EU under the European Economic Crisis View Paper Details
Monitoring Macroeconomic Imbalances in the European Union. What Lessons from the IMF International Surveillance View Paper Details
The EU-IMF Rescue Programme for Greece: A Trojan Horse for European Economic Governance? View Paper Details
The IMF and Hungary View Paper Details
The IMF in a post-Westphalian World – The European Challenge View Paper Details
The IMF in Central and Eastern Europe: Still Present but Not as Relevant View Paper Details
The IMF Programme in Iceland: Has the IMF “changed its spots”? If so, why? View Paper Details
The IMF's say - Assessing its Role, Channels of Influence and Power Resources in the Crisis and Beyond View Paper Details
Unifying Euro area Representation at the IMF: A two steps proposal View Paper Details
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