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Strategies of Secession and Counter-Secession

Political Conditionalities and Foreign Aid

Workshop Number
Workshop Director
Sebastian Dellepiane Avellaneda
University of Strathclyde
Workshop Co-Directors
Nadia Molenaers
Universiteit Antwerpen
Jörg Faust
German Development Institute

Evidence has shown that over the last four decades, in least developed countries, the impact of aid on economic and democratic development has been sobering, On the positive side, aid does seem to work better in democratic settings.These insights called for political conditionalities which figured either as entry conditions for aid (selectivity), and/or as an active lever for change in least developed countries. Although academic research - covering different time periods, zooming in on different regions and different cases - on both selectivity and aid as a lever for political change has generated important insights, the question is if these insights still hold with the emergence of a new aid architecture approach (as endorsed by the Paris Declaration) which induced significant changes in donor policies and practices, in aid modalities and in conditionalities. The limited and uncomplete coverage of the period 2000-today, where substantial changes have taken place within de donor community and beyond, calls for an articulation between existing insights on political conditionalities and new practices. The workshop particularly wants (1) to gain insight regarding emerging patterns and evolutions of political conditionalities under the new aid architecture, and, (2) to gather evidence on the (in)effectiveness of political conditionalities under the new aid approach? Papers that look into the political and economic conditions - on the donor and/or recipient side- which enable or constrain the effectiveness of political conditionalities under the new aid architecture (post-2000) are particularly welcome.

Paper List

Title Details
Africa's Rapidly Changing Aid Landscape: The Increasing Inappropriateness of Political Conditionalities and Donor's Failure to Respond View Paper Details
Aid and Governance: A Non-linear Relationship? View Paper Details
Aid Fragmentation and Democratisation: The Opposing Effects of Overall and Sectoral Aid on Democratic Governance View Paper Details
Aid Sanctions and Autocratic Rule View Paper Details
Assessing Aid and Political Conditionality: A Review of Conventional Methodological Practices View Paper Details
Caught in the Cooperation Trap? The EU's Strategies of Promoting Good Governance meet Ethiopia and Rwanda View Paper Details
Conditioning Aid Towards Fragile States: Analysing the Recipients’ Voice View Paper Details
Credibility and Political Conditionality: A Comparative Analysis of Perception and Effects of EU Foreign Aid in the near Abroad View Paper Details
Donor Coordination and Human Rights Conditionality: An analysis of France, Italy and the United Kingdom View Paper Details
Effectiveness of EU Political Conditionality - Towards a Policy-bridging Framework of Analysis View Paper Details
Elections and Rewards: Do Democratising Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa receive Higher Levels of Foreign Aid? View Paper Details
European Eastern Partnership Implementation under Weak Conditionality View Paper Details
Foreign Aid and Autocratic Survival View Paper Details
From 'Mission Conditionality' to 'PR Conditionality': The Changing Political Economy of Political Conditionality View Paper Details
Governance beyond the European Consensus: What Drives EU Aid Selectivity? View Paper Details
Political Conditionality and its Impact on Autocratic Regimes View Paper Details
Rewarding Democratisation? The Dynamics of General Budget Support in the wake of Democratic Transitions View Paper Details
Riding a Trojan Horse? Aid Effectiveness and Political Conditionalities in Post-Conflict Countries View Paper Details
The (potential) Effectiveness of Political Conditionalities since the Dawn of the New Millennium: A Meta-analysis View Paper Details
When is Aid Effective? Donor Fragmentation, Democracy and the Quality of Governance View Paper Details
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