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Strategies of Secession and Counter-Secession

New Pathways to Knowledge: Combining Arts and Social Science Research

Panel Number
Panel Chair
Julia Mourão Permoser
University of Innsbruck
Panel Co-Chair
Florian Bettel
Universität Salzburg

In a time of crisis and anxiety, in which political topics become extremely emotionally laden, a cooperation between social sciences and the arts holds the promise of contributing new pathways to knowledge, helping us to tackle such important issues as the connection between rationality and emotion, symbolism and mobilization, politics and subjectivity. This panel invites papers that draw upon research conducted at the interface between the arts and social sciences. The panel is broadly designed and we welcome papers that refer to the cooperation between arts and social sciences in any variety of ways. We particularly welcome contributions from studies where social science and the arts are combined in the pursuit of new methodologies, as well as from studies that draw on artistic practices in order to disseminate knowledge. We also invite papers that link artistic research and social science research, be it with a theoretical or an empirical aim. Finally, we especially welcome papers based on research where the cooperation between the arts and sciences has a participatory aim, for example by involving the persons studied in the production of knowledge and/or in the artistic production.

Paper List

Title Details
An Empty Pavilion as a Metaphor for the Expansion of the European Union View Paper Details
Cultural Repression and Artistic Resistance: The case of Argentina’s Last Dictatorship View Paper Details
Speaking through Objects – How Visual Inputs add Value to Narrative Analysis View Paper Details
Theatricality as a Political Paradigm (Theatre and Drama as Epistemological and Analytical Tools in Political Theory) View Paper Details
Using Art as Historical Evidence after Violence (post-Shining Path Peru in Comparative Perspective) View Paper Details
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