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ECPR Journals Virtual Special Issue

The Europeanization of National Political Parties

Workshop Number
Workshop Director
Robert Ladrech
Keele University
Workshop Co-Director
Tapio Raunio
Tampere University

Existing research on the impact of the European Union on national political parties has only managed to scratch the surface of all possible dimensions in which such interaction may occur. The directors of this workshop feel there is a demand for more varied approaches to this subject as well as it being an appropriate time to reflect on these matters. The aim of the workshop is therefore to critically assess extant approaches and to explore new theoretical avenues, modes of analysis, new evidence from case studies as well as cross-national empirical evidence, etc., across the whole of the European Union.
The directors suggest topics to be covered in this workshop should include, but are not restricted to:
a) the appropriate research methodology for party Europeanization analysis
b) a critical reflection on the findings that have been produced so far in party Europeanization studies
c) case studies that explain the actual ‘politics’ within parties related to EU issues. Themes might include:
- the EU as a party management issue;
- the existence and nature of dissent within parties over EU issues, distinguishing between policy-based and anti-integration, and change over time;
- an effort to substantiate the notion of de-politicization as a by-product of policy transference to the EU, etc
d) cross-national research that can reveal similarities absent from single party/country case studies
Papers are welcomed that cover one or more of the topics outlined as well as being comparative in nature. Empirical evidence from Western and Eastern Europe is welcome.

Paper List

Title Details
‘Europeanization’ and Coalition Government in Minority Parliamentary Systems View Paper Details
‘Europeanization’ outside the EU borders: European influence on Party Regulations in East European Neighborhood View Paper Details
Any interest in shaping Europe? The influence of national political parties on voting behavior of ministers and MEPs in bicameral EU decision-making View Paper Details
Changing Policy, not Structure: Greek Office-seekers Facing Voters & European Partners View Paper Details
Does Europe Matter? Europeanization of Political Parties View Paper Details
Effects of EU Involvement on National Party Issue Profiles View Paper Details
Europeanization of party competition in France, Germany and the UK. Empirical evidence since 1986 View Paper Details
Europeanization Of Small Parties in the EU Multilevel Governance System: A Comparative Study of the Portuguese Communist Party And The German Die Linke View Paper Details
Europeanization of the national political parties as an indirect effect: The instrumental value of the European reference in the Romanian case View Paper Details
Europeanized Political Parties from Top to Bottom? Positioning on European Policy Proposal of German Parties View Paper Details
How "Europe“ Affects Party Cohesion and Competitiveness: The Cognitive Maps of Party Elites in Eurosceptic Austria View Paper Details
Managing the European Issue: the British Conservatives and UK Independence Party View Paper Details
On, Off or Stand By? The EU, its policies and domestic political competition in Italy and Spain (1983-2006) View Paper Details
Party Strategies vis-à-vis Civil Society – Europeanization or Business as Usual? View Paper Details
Political parties and the mobilisation of collective identities in European integration View Paper Details
The Europeanisation of the Turkish AKP View Paper Details
The Europeanization of Belgian Political Parties View Paper Details
The Europeanization of Party Organizations: an Attempt towards a Systematic Comparative Analysis across ‘Greater Europe’ View Paper Details
The Europeanization of Party Regulation View Paper Details
The Inverted U and its Limits: Explaining deviations from the standard pattern of party positions towards Europe View Paper Details
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