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Political Research Exchange

Inter-Parliamentary Relations in Europe

Workshop Number
Workshop Director
John Erik Fossum
Universitetet i Oslo
Workshop Co-Director
Ben Crum
AMSTERDAM, Vrije Universiteit

National parliaments are widely regarded as the losing parties in a world of increased international interdependence. Is this so? Or have they developed measures to compensate for this, measures that have thus far not been properly studied? One interesting line of parliamentary response is the development of closer cross-border patterns of parliamentary interaction and coordination of oversight functions. Such relations may take the form of ad hoc contacts and exchange of practices or, at the other extreme, an integrated system of closely interacting parliaments. The European Union offers a particularly fruitful context for such inter-parliamentary relations. It not only invites national parliaments to relate to each other horizontally but also provides for a vertical structure with a directly elected supranational parliament at the European level.

This workshop will bring together PhD-students, young scholars and senior professors with the aim to systematically explore whether or the extent to which parliaments are able to catch up with the challenges posed by complex interdependence. We therefore aim to build on new lines of research by analysing the ways in which parliaments relate to each other and the rules and practices that define such relations. There are promising lines of inquiry that will benefit greatly from better integration, and given the democratic stakes involved, more systematic research on the implications for representative democracy and theories of democracy.

Paper List

Title Details
A Virtual Third Chamber for the European Union? National Parliaments Under the Treaty of Lisbon View Paper Details
Cooperation of national parliaments in the European decision-making process View Paper Details
Government Performance in Multilevel States: Do sub-national parliamentary dynamics affect non-statewide parties’ support for minority governments in the national parliament? View Paper Details
How weak are parliaments in horizontal governance really? View Paper Details
Learning from the best in the field. The role of inter-parliamentary policy learning in designing parliamentary scrutiny procedures of the new member states View Paper Details
National parliaments in European affairs: Conversion problems - from potential to actual power View Paper Details
Parliamentary control in European Security and Defense Policy. A Plea for Inter-parliamentary co-operation View Paper Details
Reconstructing Parliamentary Sovereignty in Multilevel Polities: The EU Services Directive View Paper Details
Reflections on the European Multilevel Parliamentary Field View Paper Details
The European Parliament and the French Greens: an alternative to the national level View Paper Details
The intrinsic value of representation View Paper Details
The observation of rule of law standards by EU counter-terrorism policies: what national parliaments achieve during implementation View Paper Details
The parliamentary dimension of the WTO View Paper Details
The role of the administrators of the French Senate within the inter-parliamentary relations: teaching practices to the members of Parliaments? View Paper Details
The Romanian National Parliament: A limited internationalisation? A study of the Parliamentary Friendship Groups’ Activity View Paper Details
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