Institutionalisation of Political Parties: Comparative Cases. Edited by Robert Harmel and Lars G. Svasand

Innovative Approaches to Foreign Policy Role Contestation

Comparative Politics
Foreign Policy
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Panel Chair
Cameron Thies
Arizona State University
Panel Discussant
Leslie Wehner
University of Bath
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04/09/2014 16:00
Building: Boyd Orr Floor: 2 Room: LT 2
This panel is comprised of papers associated with the well-known concept of role contestation. However, each paper brings something theoretical or methodologically new to the study of foreign policy role contestation. Theoretically, it incorporates comparisons to socialization as well as traditional domestic-level explanations of foreign policy choices. Methodologically, some of the papers use game theory and multi-level statistical modeling. This combination of novel theoretical and methodological approaches will help push forward research on foreign policy role contestation.

Paper List

Agents in Normative Structures: A Comparative Study of Role Contestation and Socialisation View Paper Details
Digraph and Game Theory Models of Role Contestation View Paper Details
Domestic Role Contestation and Role Selection in Israel View Paper Details
Emerging Powers, Role Contestation and Conflict Behaviour: Is There a Renewed Russia Threat? View Paper Details
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