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Whither the Environment in Europe?

Europe (Central and Eastern)
Environmental Policy
European Politics
Green Politics
Political Economy
Workshop Number
Workshop Director
Anthony Zito
University of Newcastle
Workshop Co-Director
Andrea Lenschow
Osnabrück University

From the 1980s onwards environmental policy was a key growth area within the European Union (EU) and, despite a range of challenges, became an important plank of the acquis communautaire. Concomitantly, we saw the emergence of a diverse and exciting literature covering inter alia: ideological innovation in the form of ecological modernization; new policy areas and instruments; and environmental policy actors at different levels of governance, e.g. the Commission, Council, and European Parliament, but also green and/or leader states, green political parties, interest groups and more recently, cities. The EU carved out a role as an international environmental policy actor in its own right generating new theoretical frameworks and empirical insights into the nature of leadership within and beyond Europe.

However, since 2000 we have seen major changes in the form of enlargement, the onset of austerity in the wake of the global financial and economic crisis, and a resurgence of Euroscepticism. Combined, these factors have shifted the context within which policy is made and raised questions that challenge the conventional wisdom underpinning the study of European environmental policy. It is consequently timely and essential to reflect on these empirical changes and their implications for our theoretical understanding of European environmental policy. This joint session will bring together exciting senior and junior scholars in the field to reflect upon the current state of art, and more importantly to reflect critically upon the nature of European environmental policy as we move forward into the 21st Century, with a view to identifying and defining the future key trends and directions in the field. We encourage contributions from cognate areas, including public policy, parties, ideologies, comparative politics and international relations. This joint-session will lead to a landmark publication, which will become a key reference for all those working in the area.

Paper List

Title Details
A New Turn in the EU Sustainable Development Strategy? The Changing Nature of Policy Integration View Paper Details
Ambition or Diminution? Analysing EU Environmental Policy Over Time View Paper Details
Brakeman rather than Entrepreneur: The Changing Role of the European Commission in EU Environmental Policy-Making View Paper Details
Can EU Environmental Policy be left to Judges and the Market? View Paper Details
Compliance with EU Environmental Law: From the Southern to the Eastern Problem? View Paper Details
Cooling Enthusiasm for Fighting Global Warming: The Unravelling of Ecological Modernisation in the European Crisis? View Paper Details
Environmental Policy Dismantling in the EU: Disintegration by Stealth or Saviour of Integration? View Paper Details
Environmental Policy Evaluation in the EU: Advancing the Governance View View Paper Details
EU Environmental Policy-Making and the Practice of Early Agreements: A Double Principal-Agent Analysis View Paper Details
Shifting Modes of European Governance? The Revival of Environmental Policy Integration in Times of Multiple Economic and Security Crises View Paper Details
The Baltic Sea Environment as a Laboratory of Transnational Environmental Governance: What Kind of a Framework of Analysis? View Paper Details
The Changing Impact of the EU on its Member States’ Environmental Performance: A Quantitative Study of the Agenda Setting Power of the EU View Paper Details
The European Commission: A Green Voice within the EU? View Paper Details
The EU's Environmental Policy: A Neo-Medieval Empire (of norms) in Retreat? View Paper Details
The Proliferation of Environmental Concepts in EU Policymaking: Serious Omnipresence, Diluted Focus, or Excessive Rhetoric? View Paper Details
The Prospect of Climate Acts as a Means for Environmental Policy Integration in Europe: A Comparative Study View Paper Details
The Role of Cities in European Environmental Policy: The EU Covenant of Mayors as a New Form of Multi-Level Climate Governance View Paper Details
Trajectories of European Environmental Governance Over Time View Paper Details
Understanding Catch-Up Governance in EU Climate and Energy Governance View Paper Details
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