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Political Research Exchange - PRX

The Representation of Citizens of Immigrant Origin in Established Democracies

Political Participation
Political Parties
Workshop Number
Workshop Director
Laura Morales
Sciences Po Paris
Workshop Co-Director
Thomas Saalfeld
University of Bamberg

Over the past decades, many established democracies have grown increasingly diverse in ethnic terms. To a considerable extent, this growing diversity has been a result of immigration. Europeanisation and the stronger demands for inclusion in the democratic process made by citizens of immigrant origin have led to an expansion of the electorate in many countries. As a consequence, the political rights, representation and integration of immigrants and their descendants have become important and controversial topics for debate amongst policy makers and social scientists. Some noticeable advances notwithstanding, there is still strong variation in the ‘presence’ of citizens of immigrant origin in democratically elected bodies such as parliamentary assemblies. What is the extent of these variations? What are the main sources of variability? To what extent do institutions (such as electoral systems) shape these variations? What are the consequences of the growing presence of representatives of immigrant origin for debates and other representational activities in the legislatures of established democracies? To what extent have parties begun to compete for immigrant-origin voters by offering a more diverse set of candidates? What are the reasons for differences between political parties in this respect? And to what extent does the presence of representatives of immigrant origin change the content and tone of debates in legislative assemblies? In other word, is there a link between ‘descriptive’ and ‘substantive’ representation? Contributions to this workshop will assess the state of the art in the areas listed above; compare the results with research on other groups; reflect on ways of overcoming gaps in empirical data; discuss new methodological approaches (e.g., quasi-experimental designs) and measurements (e.g., advanced methods of retrieving and analysing the texts of speeches); and not to least define the theoretical and empirical research agenda for the next years.

Paper List

Title Details
Candidate Nomination Institution and Immigrant Representation View Paper Details
Digging the 'Secret Garden of Politics' – An Exploration of the Role of Formal and Informal Candidate Selection Processes Regarding Ethnic Minority Representation View Paper Details
Discrimination of Immigrant-Origin Candidates by Voters: Evidence from Open-List PR Elections in Switzerland View Paper Details
How do Parties Respond to the Immigration Policy Mood? View Paper Details
Immigrant Representation in a Party Democracy: Evidence from Germany View Paper Details
Parties Matter, Right? The Presence of Ethnic Minorities in a Party and their Substantive Representation View Paper Details
Political Representation of Immigrant Minorities in Europe: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Opportunities and Constraints View Paper Details
Substantive Representation and CIO MPs: Topic Models and Sentiment Analysis of Legislative Speech View Paper Details
The Access of CIO Legislators to Positions of Influence in the Parliamentary Arena View Paper Details
The Descriptive Representation of CIOs in Europe: Cross-National, Cross-Level and Diachronic Variations View Paper Details
The Determinants of the Descriptive Representation of Citizens of Immigrant Origin in Belgium View Paper Details
The Legislative Recruitment of Ethnic Minority Candidates in the German Political Parties - Neutrality, Closure or Openness? View Paper Details
The Political Representation of Citizens of Immigrant Origin in Spain, Italy and Greece View Paper Details
The Political Representation of Ethnic Minorities in the Netherlands: Nominated and Elected Ethnic Minority Candidates View Paper Details
The Rise of Immigrant-Origin City Legislators in New York City View Paper Details
The Role of Municipal Efforts to Mobilise Foreign Voters, Local Political Opportunity Structure and Immigrant-Related Determinants in Electoral Participation of Foreign Residents: The Cases of Local Elections in Belgium and in Luxembourg View Paper Details
The Social and Political Background of Citizens of Immigrant Origin MPs: Are they any Different from other MPs? View Paper Details
Walking the Representation Tightrope: Party Demands, Community Expectations and Immigrant-Origin Politicians’ Representation Goals View Paper Details
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