ECPR General Conference
Université de Montréal, Montreal
26 - 29 August 2015

Political Leadership and Complexity: Dominance and Responsiveness

Political Leadership
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Jonathan Malloy
Carleton University
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29/08/2015 16:00
Building: Jean-Brillant Floor: 3 Room: B-3295
The changing nature of executive power has historical, policy and representative significance. This panel examines institutional, stylistic and historical shifts in the resources and development of the prime ministerial position in a selection of comparative cases. Papers consider resources, personality and perception. Also recruitment and pathways to power are considered in addition to responses to crises. Papers consider in particular the Canadian prime ministership, ranked as the most centralized of any major parliamentary democracy (O'Malley 2007). The panel explores facets of executive leadership in Canada, UK and Australia placing the dynamics of a parliamentary system in a North American society in a broader context.

Paper List

Canadian Prime Ministerial Dominance in Comparative Perspective View Paper Details
Dominant Leaders in British Politics: Blair and Thatcher View Paper Details
Forgiveness as a Political Leadership Trait View Paper Details
Leadership and Complexity: The Contemporary Challenge? View Paper Details
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