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Psychological Effects on Political Attitudes and Values

Comparative Politics
Political Psychology
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Panel Chair
Patrick Fournier
Université de Montréal
Panel Discussant
Peter Loewen
University of Toronto
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29/08/2015 11:00
Building: Jean-Brillant Floor: Basement Room: B-0325
This panel investigates the effects of various psychological aspects on political attitudes and values. Three of the papers examine the influence of personality traits (namely the Big Five and authoritarianism) on political information, interest in politics, ideological preferences, turnout and vote choice in a comparative perspective. Another paper ascertains the usefulness of an implicit association test compared to list experiments to measure sensible attitudes regarding affirmative action. Finally, one paper determines the relative importance of learning and exposure to diversity in accounting for the amount of deliberation-induced attitude change about immigration policy.

Paper List

How Deliberation Changes Policy Attitudes: Learning Versus Diversity View Paper Details
Personality Traits and the Early Origins of Political Sophistication View Paper Details
Personality Traits, Political Attitudes and Voter Behaviour in the 2014 Latvian Parliamentary Elections View Paper Details
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