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Attitudes Towards Political Parties

Comparative Politics
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Panel Chair
Peter Söderlund
Åbo Akademi
Panel Discussant
Zsolt Enyedi
Central European University
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27/08/2015 09:00
Building: Jean-Brillant Floor: Basement Room: B-0325
The papers in this panel examine various types of attitudes towards political parties and their courses and consequences. One paper examines the how negative partisan attitudes affect vote choice, another whom individuals with co-called conspiracies attitudes vote for and why. Other papers explore the relationship between anti-immigrant parties and political participation of immigrants, who uses party cues, under what circumstances, and to what effect, and one paper examines whether changes of government has influence on voter preferences.

Paper List

Citizen-government Congruence and Ideological Understanding: An Appraisal of Japan's 'right turn' View Paper Details
Party Cues, Trust and Public Opinion in the Context of Canada View Paper Details
Whom will Conspiracists Vote for and Why? View Paper Details
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