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ECPR Virtual Methods School 2020

Electoral Integrity and Authoritarianism

Comparative Politics
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Chris Chhim
McGill University
Panel Discussant
Margarita Zavadskaya
European University Institute

28/08/2015 09:00 - 10:40
Building: Jean Brillant Floor: 4 Room: B-4265
It is commonplace to assume that all modern autocrats manipulate the elections. Although, it is often omitted that the menu of manipulation is wide and some choices are more efficient, than the others. This panel dicusses how does electoral integrity or malpractice affect turnout, perception of elections as well as more general questions as the very meaning of authoritarian elections.

Paper List

Title Details
Do Fraud and Electoral Malpractices Change? Innovations and Learning Mechanisms from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan? View Paper Details
Electoral Integrity And Democratic Transition: What The 2015 General Election In Nigeria Means To The International Community View Paper Details
The Effects of Electoral Integrity on Voter Turnout in Semi-Authoritarian Regimes View Paper Details
The Meaning of Autocratic Elections: Implications for Electoral Integrity View Paper Details
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